February’s Top 5 Apps

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Developers have been constantly pushing the envelope comes to the Android apps on the Play Store. There have been many new apps in February that can make your Android device even better. The top five apps from February are:

Steno Notes

Available in a free and paid version, this is a minimalistic note app that comes with a good number of features to make it a worthwhile consideration. A colourful user interface is available on this app, which supports a dark theme, as interesting as the starburst free spins no deposit. It is possible to create folders, hashtags, and more. The process of taking notes is made a lot to simpler. Even cleaning up the older notes is also a breeze. The app is set to welcome more features when it comes out of the beta stage.


GitHub is coming back with a mobile app and the beta process has already begun. It will allow access to the regular GitHub content like projects, pull requests, review code, and more. A dark mode is also available for working in the late nights. The app is in its infancy and several features are expected to arrive in the full version. This is already from the changelogs released by the developer. Even then, this app functions rather well even for a beta product and GitHub fans can certainly give it a shot.


Often regarded as the successor to vine, Byte comes from the same group of people who were responsible for making Vine such a huge success. The ethos of Byte remains the same, as it would allow people to step in and create six-second videos, which go through an infinite loop. This should be a major threat to the immensely popular TikTok app. For the time being, it is low on features and there are some bugs that have to be ironed out.

Microsoft Launcher Preview

Microsoft launcher is already one of the several options available for Android users to spice up their user experience. Now, it appears that Microsoft is in the development stages of a new launcher, which has been put out on Play Store in an early beta stage. This comes with features like native dark theme, new user interface, and more. Users can also identify a significant drop in resource and battery consumption. This, however, is just a preview version and users can expect a stable version in the near future.


This is an ideal app for people who are concerned about their privacy on popular social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter. This messaging platform is intended only for family and friends. Users need to send a request or invite to other users, who need to accept the same in order to join the group. The group is kept completely safe from ads and third-party access. One may not find features like encryption in this app, but it is still quite secure. The user interface is clean and smooth, but it can be a Herculean task to bring everyone together – especially if the family or friend’s circle is huge.