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March 18, 2020

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We get to play our favourite games with friends when we are on a trip or an exciting vacation. While there are many games you can play on the go, few actually are loved by all. These are games that appeal to most people and they enjoy trying out new strategies to win in these games. Here we have listed out a few such games that bring friends closer.

Dumb Charades

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This is a game most people enjoy because of the fun associated with acting out movie names. Many people have difficulty understanding what the others may relate to. This makes the whole process complicated and interesting. Dumb Charades is a fun addition to any group setting. Acting and guessing movie names becomes even more enjoyable when you haven’t heard it at all. Try playing this fun game on your next trip with friends.

Indian Rummy


This is a card game that most people from different directions of India enjoy in some form or variation. The game can be played in different ways as a single round game or as a series game. The game teaches you to play, arrange, strategize and win. The ultimate rummy game can be played between 2-6 players. It is an excellent way to pass your time during travel.


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If you love music, here is another game that will suit you perfectly. Karaoke is fun when you have several music enthusiasts seated around you and eager to listen to your songs. There are many affordable Karaoke Systems available today that allow you to connect with smartphone devices using Bluetooth connection.

Chinese Whisper

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In this game, the first player says a secret to the second player. The second player repeats what he heard to the third player and the chain sequence continues. The last person in the queue speaks out loud what he heard. If there is a mistake, second last person is made to speak. Whoever made the mistake in repeating is made to do a forfeit. The fun is in hearing out how the same sentence can be misinterpreted by the players when it is whispered.


Only good word lovers would enjoy scrabble. This game is like a reverse crossword game and each player needs to make a new word that fits in without distorting the existing words. Whoever makes more points in the game wins this game. 


While Uno is a card game that most of the kids play, this can also be equally enjoyable to elders. The different wild cards in the deck add to the challenge factor. It is difficult to predict when the game will end or who will win the game. You may have to alter your strategies and try different tricks to win this game. If you are not in a mood to play a complicated card game and just wish to pass your time, Uno is surely your best bet.

You feel closer to friends when you spend a happy time together. All these games listed above are capable of bringing friends closer to each other.

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