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November 1, 2017

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Did you forget the password of your Windows login screen and locked yourself out for an endless time? Well, there’s no need to worry anymore because you will be surprised how often this happens with everyone in daily life. But never worry, because in this tutorial we are about to show how to unlock Windows login password with few simple tricks.

Obviously, if you have forgotten Windows password then there’s no way that you can use your computer which means all the data, software, documents, files, etc. in your computer will be inaccessible. We know, it’s a stressful and depressing moments but buckle up as we demonstrate how to reset Windows login password below.

Method 1: Format and Re-install Windows again.

One of the easiest ways to remove Windows lock screen password is to re-install Windows all over again. If you choose to format and install Windows then please note that it will erase all the files and data from your computer. So, only implement this method if you don’t regret losing the file contained in your PC.

Step 1. Insert the bootable Windows disc on your computer and restart it. Windows will automatically load files on the logon screen and a new Windows installation screen will pop up.

forgot windows password

Step 2. Click on “Install Now” and move on to the next step.

Step 3. Follow through the instruction and choose your customized settings. Finally, format your primary disk and install Windows in that partition.

It will take few minutes to install operating system and during this process, your computer will be restarted several times. Once the installation is finished, your computer password will be removed permanently.


  • Severe data loss will occur.
  • Not recommended if your computer contains important data that you cannot afford to lose.

Method 2: Recover Windows login password with Windows Password Reset Program

If you don’t want to lose any data from your computer then resetting your computer password with a Windows Password reset program is the best choice. There are countless Windows password recovery programs available on the Internet market but in this tutorial, we will recommend iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro to bypass Windows login password.

What is iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro?

It is the best and most effective Windows password recovery program that can remove any kind of password from any Windows computer. It installs like regular software and then you can use it to create a password-reset disk in 2 ways with your CD/DVD or flash drive. Further, you can unlock your Windows computer using the same password reset disk. It is extremely easy to use and requires no technical skills to run this software. It is fully supported with every Windows version including Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10 and even with Windows servers. It can unlock all kinds of accounts like Microsoft, local, administrator, root and domain profiles.

It is tested with over 2000+ desktop and laptop brands like Sony, Samsung, HP, Dell, Lenovo, Acer and worked with every single brand flawlessly.

How to use iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro to unlock Windows computer?

Step 1. Install iSeePassword program on the borrowed computer and run the software after installing it. Next, insert the CD/DVD or USB Stick and let the program recognize it automatically. Then, choose the removal disk name and click on “Burn USB” or “Burn CD/DVD” to create the bootable disc.

windows password recovery pro

Step 2. After the ISO image file is burnt successfully, you will see a new pop up message that says “Burning Successfully!”.


Step 3. Now plug out the flash drive and insert it on your password protected computer. Reboot the PC and boot from the USB stick to load the Windows password recovery software.  Now, you just need to fill in the following information inside the software –

  • The Windows version of your PC like Windows 7.
  • Username of your computer.
  • Hit “Reset Password”.
  • Hit “Restart”.

You’re done! Your computer will be restarted automatically and the password should be removed successfully from your system.


In this article, we have proved that resetting Windows password is possible even if you forget it. Windows Password Recovery Pro has helped endless desperate people to unlock their computer in very sadistic moments. Remember to create password reset disks for your computer in the future so that you can reset it without any problem. However, if you still fail to do that then don’t forget the Windows password recovery tool is always there to put you out of your misery. Hope you liked this tutorial and found it valuable.

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