Google’s Top 3 Ranking Factors in 2020

Google's Top 3 Ranking Factors
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Want to be on the first page of Google? Want to obtain your website on the top ten pages of Google’s search results? You can achieve it easily if you understand Google guidelines and what factors are necessary to achieve a top ranking in Google in 2020. 

Even though Google keeps some ranking factors secret, the key factor to obtain your business website to rank well on Google is not as baffling as it may appear. Indeed, we have broken the code of Google’s secret, and have a set of SEO case studies to prove it rightly.

We know how Google works and analyze your website. Besides, business people are decided to obtain their websites to rank higher in Google, especially in the first three organic listings. To perform it, it is extremely important that you comprehend the uncovered Google ranking signs, and optimize your website pages for the golden opportunity of being shown to potential clients. Let us discuss three ranking factors of SEO services.

How Does Google Ranking Work In 2020?

Google, a giant search engine, uses different factors in its algorithms to decide what outcomes will be the most useful for the user. It also uses latent semantic indexing properly, which uses search intent as a sign of what outcomes are the most relevant.

Google launched its latest algorithm around RankBrain, a machine learning algorithm, which Google uses to boost the search results. Google’s algorithm is very tricky and smart. It is steadily varying and adapting to provide users a better experience and stop black hat SEO tactics for influencing search results. The most secret planning of Google’s search algorithm is that it takes a lot of ranking factors into account before showing fast, accurate, and relevant results. The most possible cause for this is because one search term may have a lot of meanings.

Google’s smart search algorithm both for desktop and mobile results has tailored to give the results based on its ranking signals to suit the most common intention, and display the user with the most, “useful” result. Identifying it can assist you to make SEO strategy just by matching your content to the most common intention, users have when finding for that keyword.

For Instance, when I look for the keyword, “plumbing”, the higher search results are for plumbers in my location. It shows that Google has learned that the most common intention users have when looking for “plumbing” is, I want to hire a plumber to resolve the problem.

How Many Google Search Ranking Signals Help to Boost Rankings in 2020?

Even though nobody But Google knows the best answer, SEO professionals have been testing and guessing for some time now, and have reached a list of 200 factors mainly used by Google’s search algorithm to rank higher websites and pages. All 200 Google ranking factors don’t have equal importance. So, let us discuss the top three ranking factors for your higher ranking in Google in 2020.

Quality Backlinks

Undoubtedly, quality content is the most important ranking factor, when it comes to pleasing both users and search engines, backlinks are still important to. Indeed, along with Rank Brain and content, Google verifies that links are one of the most top three ranking factors.  

Links assists Google evaluates your authority and they assist other web users to search your content. Along with creating top quality content, you need to make an effective link building strategy. Quality is an important factor rather than quantity. Indeed, you should focus on creating links from the top quality websites rather than obtaining several low-quality links.

Top Quality and Relevant Content: –

Google has already verified that its “RankBrain” AI-powered algorithm is one of the most influencing factors that help to determine where a single web page finishes in the search results. Content quality, Content-Length, Content Recency, table of content and Content structure are the five important parameters of the content, which plays an important role in creating top-quality content.

RankBrain evaluates user activity with search listings in a try to quantify their quality and relevance. For instance, if a user clicks on a particular page that offers important information and they stay on it for many minutes reading, it is possible to result in a top-ranking than a thin page, which is not helpful or not interesting to read.

Keywords are still important- You should make sure that you should use relevant keywords in your content to obtain higher search results for a relevant search for that keyword.


In recent times, Google has implemented a “Mobile First”, index showing that the mobile version of several websites is considered to be more important rather than the desktop version. Most users search any website on mobile platforms, so it clears that if your website is mobile-friendly, your website will rank easily in Google. If not, it may be very hard to achieve ranking in Google.

This change has been displaying for a while as nearly 50% of searches come from mobile devices. It creates a real sense for Google to list consequences that are very easy to read and use on mobile devices. In 2020, there is no reason to have a mobile-friendly website. Responsive and professional design is still an eye-catching and latest trend.  You can run your website through the mobile usability report on Google search console to observe what you can do to boost.

Thus, these three are the top three important ranking factors in Google In 2020.  All these factors are very necessary, which helps you to improve the top rankings on Google. In 2019, every business person or An SEO expert should follow these three ranking factors in their SEO strategy.


Quality backlinks, top quality content, and mobile-friendliness are the first three ranking factors in Google in 2020. These factors play an important role in increasing higher search results in Google within a short period. These three factors can indeed boost your top rankings in Google within a few days.

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