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Holograms really became a concept many dreamed of and thought about, back in 2004 when iRobot got released, and Will Smith made futuristic rebellion so cool. However, back to the present, its 2022 and hologram calling has been made a possibility by the luxury brand IWC. The chief of the brand Mr Grainger-Herr presented the hologram technology back in Shanghai last year, and since then, there has certainly been major developments. Appearing in 4K resolution, Grainger was able to appear to all in physical attendance, as well as talk to them in real-time as the guests saw him. Speaking from the base in Switzerland, the audience were wowed at how technology had allowed the brand owner to beam from a different location, with such hope for technology and the future. 

Hologram technology is not the only tech that is leading media publications. CSGO and the world of eSports has managed to also come so far. With the development of CSGO casino sites like CSGO Crash, have been able to evolve with blockchain technology and allow players to use their gaming skins as a form of currency. eSports and gaming have also come so far.

With the pandemic taking over most mainstream news for the past few years, it has massively fuelled the interest of tech and innovation. This is how holograms became the prime scope of development, and if anything, it became a race of time to see which enterprise would be able to come up with a viable solution before any other. Holograms are immersive and are a completely better sensory alternative for users-it beats facetime any day for sure.

The technology has been developed within the US, in Los Angeles, at the base portals where the entire concept of bringing to life holograms came to life. The portals themselves that cater to hologram calls are 2.5 metres tall, are made of complete glass-based structures, and are essentially booths that a person must enter to transfer the hologram message and call to the person desired to pass a call too.

Each portal will have a built-in speaker too, and that is how a voice can be shared, in addition to cameras that will scan the person in the portal, and therefore project the image from a 3D perspective perfectly. The hologram can be controlled via a system application that can be downloaded over the internet on PC devices or mobile phones. You can connect to as many portals as you like, making it a seamless experience for all users to connect to one another.

Being that the portal is made up of glass, there was a conception by the developers that some form of reflection and ray would cause the hologram to come with additional glare, however being that the portals do not operate with light, that certainly saves the true image and reflection of the people who wish to make hologram calls and step inside the portals. 

Currently, the portal hologram technology is being aimed at firms such as Netflix, Amazon and so on, as a way of enhancing typical work from home and office scenarios. The hologram brings large possibilities and will allow headquarters from all over the world to connect to one another more seamlessly and effortlessly and is a way better candidate than Zoom and Facetime calls. It can be a refreshing option that would minimise the need of long distance travelling, for working executives of brands, and most definitely will reduce the dreaded jet lag that piles on with baggage when you make your destination. 

The portals are being targeted at B2C establishments due to the current starting prices of these portals. At $60,000 each, they certainly will not be an option for most people, yet. As technology becomes more available, prices will of course decrease- a general pattern within tech and innovation space, yet for right now, hologram calling is the most up and coming technology being made available, and it could most definitely become the most fashionable and convenient way of communicating between offices. 

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