A Look at the Top Home Security Systems of 2022

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Ever leave your house wondering if it’s safe or not? Well, don’t let that hinder you from carrying on with your daily jobs and activities. Simply invest in a top-notch security system that guarantees a secure and break-in-proof environment.

What’s that? You have no idea of what security systems to get? Well, good thing you’ve come to us. Read on as we find out the most secured systems to add to your homes today.

The Top-level Security Systems Of 2022

You don’t need to dream of a batcave type of security system, all you need is a company that guarantees a foolproof set of gadgets that ensure that the safety of your home is not compromised and also gives you control of such safety, wherever you are.

Vivint Security Systems

This TMA award-winning security system offers you control of your home’s safety without the need to lift a finger. The system is completely wireless and the pro installation feature is a cheat code for any home owner. Added to that, you get 24/7 monitoring and an exquisite overall technology.

Vivint’s cameras are equipped with smart deter lurker for the easiest of security breach detections. And it’s no surprise that the overall setup is pretty pricey but you do get a separate monthly fee that’s quite affordable ($40 a month).

Rest easy assured knowing that you’re getting value for your money because this system right here comes equipped with a smart home monitoring system and a professional installation. And you have the benefit of an in-home security consultation.


Starting at $34.99 a month, you get a system that gives you full control of not just the equipment but also the installation. That’s right, this system right here allows for a DIY experience but at the same time, makes sure your equipment quality is not compromised.

The cool features include a wide range of equipments, live video feed, protection against smash and crash, and a top-tier ID theft protection. Due to some catches like the high monitoring fees and the lack of pro installation features. 

But if you’re okay coughing some extra bucks and spending your afternoon installing the system by yourself, then Frontpoint security system is not a bad choice.


Such a soothing name and a soothing customer experience too. See, with Cove you get a wonderful experience that makes you feel very comfortable and secured. They offer an affordable plan at $17.99 a month but if you feel like the plan’s not for you, they allow for easy cancellation without penalties.

Beyond the appeasing of their customers, Cove offers free upgrades to the latest equipment. Speaking of equipment, Cove sets itself apart by allowing you install the equipment yourself, with the help of a pro. A little DIY and pro installation combo to give you the best of both worlds.

You get a large 7-inch touchscreen panel that provides the easiest of controls and a guide through the installation process. Cove also offers InstaText and LiveAssist services for instant emergency confirmation and calls through the control panel. The downsides we discovered were the limited compatibility with the smart home devices and lack of Z-wave integration.


Probably the most popular on the list, ADT security system comes packed with 9 monitoring centers, more than any other company has to offer. You can sleep easy knowing that if one monitor fails, there are several others waiting to take over. 

Furthermore, at $27.99 a month, you get a 6-month guarantee on all equipment. The system combines home automation, video monitoring, and wireless equipment to yield a 24/7 protection system that never goes away.

However, you do get a long contract with no option for a trial. You also have to be very sure because once you sign up, trying to cancel incurs high cancellation fees. But no need for doubt because ADT has over a century of experience and has made a name in the security system industry.