Android Driving Phone Makers To Make Better Smartphones

Smart drive
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Gone are the days when phones were merely used as a medium of calling people. Today, the phone has risen to become the hub of people’s digital lives by helping them to stay organized, pay bills, play games, surf the web, communicate with other people, and engage in lots more activities. No doubt, it isn’t wrong to say that the humble telephone has come a long way. As a result of these, people now see the phone as a precious possession.

Smart drive

Now, with the introduction of mobile operating systems, many phone makers are beginning to up the ante by building robust computer-like phones known as the smartphone. Android is a popular operating system for many smartphones used today. Thanks to Android app development, developers can now develop efficient mobile applications that can run on a phone’s operating system at little costs.

This technology has led to an increasing population of an advanced kind of phone that allows people to send emails, play games, take and edit pictures and videos, browse the internet and engage in other stuff. Today, it is interesting to see how some popular phone makers like Huawei, LG, Sony, Samsung, to mention just a few are getting involved with Android app development to build phones with advanced computational abilities in them.

How Android is Leading The Pack of Smartphones

Before now, most people were involved with using feature phones which have had very limited abilities until smartphones were introduced to the scene. Basically, the introduction of some dynamic mobile platforms led many app development companies into building efficient applications for the mobile industry. This action alone revamped the entire industry. It was as if this was just what the world was waiting for as almost everyone looked toward having a smartphone.

As a result of this innovation, many popular feature phone makers began changing their orientation by focusing more on developing smartphones for the seemingly growing public. For some folks, it was liberating to free themselves from the pressures of working with PCs as they could now literally use their mobile devices to perform just the same tasks. As a result, many phone manufacturers are now working in tandem with app development companies to create and distribute more impactful smartphones.

Smartphone: A Gateway to The World’s Information

It is evident to realize that Android app development is driving high efficiency and productivity across the globe. Currently, Google is partnering with phone manufacturers around the world to develop and provide high-quality smartphones for the teeming population of mobile users.

Unarguably, Android is helping to proliferate efficient mobile devices around the world by providing free and open OS for dynamic Android app development. Thanks to the availability of high-quality smartphones, people across the globe are now accessing new opportunities – whether it is acquiring education online, sharing a video with the world or starting a new business.

Android is one of the most influential OS in the mobile app industry. Just so you know, there is a growing global population of smartphones that is currently been powered by Android. While there are still competitors on the market, most app developers have chosen to go with this OS because it remains the most affordable option.

Shortened Development Cycle and Reduced Development Expenditure

Android was the first OS to introduce an open-source platform which provides easy access to App developers and other programmers from around the world to promote efficient app development processes. It was this approach to development that opened up ways for everyone to access smartphones.

No one initially understood Android’s intentions until it formed the Open Handset Alliance (OHA) in 2007 when it made an entry into the mobile industry. In a bid to improve the development of mobile devices, applications, and even other competing operating systems, the company embarked on a mission to establish an open-source OS for developers and app development companies across the globe so as to be able to effectively, access, download, and modify the platform’s source code for free.

As a free platform, app developers and third-party phone manufacturers are not required in any way to pay any fees to license the operating system (OS). This provided a kind of uncommon support or enablement for the subsequent development and distribution of impressive apps and devices across the industry. Many App developers got to work writing codes and building highly functional apps to meet the growing needs and demands of a teeming consumer base.

Today, it is interesting to observe how many app development companies are adopting meaningful Android development strategies to shorten app development cycles and effectively reduce development expenditure. No doubt, the benefits of using Android as a veritable mobile OS platform for app development are inexhaustible.

Generally, the ability for featurephone makers to install Android on their devices for free is just one of the most impactful aspects of Android’s introduction to the landscape. Interestingly, they are not required in any way to develop a proprietary OS or pay for licensing to achieve this feat. Ultimately, there is no better way for manufacturers to effectively cut development costs than this. No wonder, the prices of smartphones have attained better affordability levels in recent times.

Now, app developers and other development agencies are using Android to build highly functional and customized apps with which they can build unique experiences for their users and customers. So, for the first time, app developers were now having unlimited access to a global audience.