How Can Blogging Help Promote Your Own Business?

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Whether you run a business creating decorative pillows or high-end innovative gadgets, you need to market your products in order to make sales and generate profit. But wouldn’t it be great if you could market your business absolutely free of cost along with the other benefits for your business? That’s when blogging comes in handy.

Blogging not only helps to drive traffic to your business but also attracts new customers and helps you build brand loyalty to become the market leader in your space. Rather than splurging dollars on the advertisement, you can instead spend them on your company’s operations to your business excel. 

Let’s see how it works.

Helps Build Trust

If I put it in a few simple words: trust attracts and retains customers. How likely are you going to buy the products and services from a business that has valid reviews, feedback from the customers, and not excessive salesy language? I’m pretty sure your answer was positive to this question.

When you create a blog for your business and post relevant content, whether it’s your product reviews, customers’ experiences, or feedback, they will ultimately help the potential customer know more about your brand and slowly build trust. This trust will not only make your business stand out among others but will also generate more sales.

Have you ever seen Airbnb’s Belong Anywhere blog page? It features experiences and stories from the community. You see, that is the tactic Airbnb uses to build trust for its brand. That’s why most people book an Airbnb whenever they’re planning a vacation.

Search Engine Optimization   

No matter what product or service you’re on the hunt for, I’m pretty sure you’re going to look for it on the search engines like Google, Yahoo, or Bing. And the websites that rank on the first pages attract your attention the most.

That’s how search engine optimization in your blog can help your business not only rank in the search engine but also become more visible than your competitors. This can help you gain new customers and, more likely than not, increased sales. You also need to ensure to keep blogging regularly along with the right keywords to be used frequently in order to rank first in the search engine.

Collect Emails

Collecting emails from the website visitors is a great tactic to let them know about the launch of your new products or promotions about your business. The longer the email list, the more the chances are to get in touch with your potential or current customers.

Let’s take the Hudabeauty blog as an example. They not only give tips and tricks on makeup and skincare but also tell the effective way to use their newly launched product. Without sounding too salesy and self-focused, they are able to grab the website visitors’ attention and when a visitor leaves their email to them, they have increased chances of turning that visitor into a loyal customer.

Lead Conversions

Your blog can be more than a voice for your business. Blogs are a great way to build relationships between you and your customer. And if they trust you enough, you can turn your prospective customer into a paying customer.

Blogs like “How-to” or “Things to Avoid” are excellent examples of lead conversions. This is how it works:

  • Tell the problem
  • Engage them into thinking how easier their life would be if they had a product with features that overcomes that problem
  • Prove it
  • Persuade them to grasp the advantage

Similarly, you can use such topics for your blog and naturally take the reader to your page through the product link. This can help you generate revenue without actually “selling” to them.

Get Exposure  

Blogs help you get exposure and visibility without spending resources to promote it. If your blog actually creates value for the readers, it is more likely going to be picked up by the search engine. The visitors will get information for what they are looking for on the website and they will also be able to learn about the business in general.

If you’ve ever stumbled across Tesla’s blog, they use it as a way to market their business rather than spending millions of dollars on advertisement. They curate and publish such content on their blog that features in magazines anyway. Hence, making it an ideal platform for the awareness of new products.

Expand Your Network with Influencer Marketing

Working with influencers is also one of the tactics of content marketing. Influencers are individuals who influence their followers’ buying decisions because of their knowledge, authority, and relationship with the audience. They can help you increase brand awareness and build customer loyalty.

Whenever influencers review a product, it reaches hundreds of thousands of their followers, unlike your business which is newly ventured and has only a few followers. Just because they trust the influencer, they will buy the product. Therefore, you can ask the influencers to review your product, and this will increase your sales.


If you tailor your products or services according to your customer’s needs, you are more likely to generate more profit for your business. Similarly, your blog can help you get to know your customers better. Blogs feature a feedback section where the customers leave comments and their experience. This can help increase engagement on your blog and also help the website visitors get to know your business better from the eye of the customers.

When the customers will see how much you care about their feedback, this will build trust between you and the customer. And they are going to recommend your brand to their family, friends, and coworkers.     

My Final Thoughts

Making a blog doesn’t mean you will end up getting a million dollars worth of orders the very next day but you need to be patient and consistent in posting content on your blog regularly to help it rank and become more visible on the search engine. Steadily, all of your efforts will be worth it and your brand will stand out among the others.

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