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August 10, 2020

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Discord is a voice and chat platform that allows you to set up servers for your game, social group, or business. However, what many people don’t know about Dispute is that it also offers a complete solution for video calls and screen sharing. With Discord, you can have a video chat directly on your server when sharing a desktop. This feature is built into the Discord application, and hence, you don’t need any additional installers. 


Screen sharing is beneficial, but what if you face a significant issue while sharing your screen on Discord? This article focuses on the various ways you can fix any problem you face with Discord Screen Share.

Ways to enable Discord Screen Share

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Make sure to add the particular game to Discord

  • Add the games you want to share with others.
  • To do this, open Discord and the game you want to share.
  • In the Discord window, click the Settings button.
  • Then, click Game Activity to the left of Discord.
  • Click the Add option.
  • Click the Select box to choose a game to share.
  • Click the Add Game button.
  • Also, turn on the game overlay switch.

Set Up Video/Camera

To set up the video/camera, follow the steps below:

  • First, go to your settings page. 
  • Click on the symbol to the right of your username at the bottom left of the Discord interface.
  • In the left menu, scroll to Application Settings and select Language & Video. 
  • Here you can customize your voice and video chat settings.
  • Scroll to the Video Settings section and choose your camcorder from the drop-down menu. 
  • On the right, you can test the video to make sure everything is working correctly.

If you are using the Web Browser application, follow the steps below:

  • You need to enable camera access from the pop-up window for the device to be used successfully. 
  • Click the Allow button to confirm access. 
  • Discord will, then, get permission to access your phone or computer’s microphone and camera.
  • Make sure everything is working correctly.

Add your Friends

To start a video call, you must add a friend who is also a member of your call group. Once everyone you want to chat with is on your friend’s list, you can call them directly.

To add a friend, follow the steps below:

  • Open your homepage by clicking on the Discord icon. 
  • Look at the top left of the screen. You will find the list of servers you are connected to on Discord.
  • Open your friend’s list by clicking Friends.
  • Click on a friend’s username or hover over their name to see options for starting a video call.
  • Clicking on a friend’s name will open the DM with them. 
  • You can choose the video call option at the top of the DM window by clicking on the appropriate icon. 
  • If you hold down the username instead of clicking it, you can skip this step. 

If you use an iOS or Android device, you can start a video call by the following steps: 

  • Tap the three-dot symbol on the top right corner of the screen in the DM or group message.
  • Select Start video call in the options.
screen share

Ways to Use the Discord Screen Share Features

Android/iOS User

The user interface for the android or iOS version of the Discord application is slightly different from the desktop version. If you use Discord on your iPhone or Android, you will find various options and functions that you can access during a call.

Audio output for iOS Users

The option in the upper-right corner of the screen, along with the camera switch icon, allows you to switch audio between the standard loudspeakers on your iPhone or your wireless headset. The symbol appears with the speaker in the lower right, on any iPhone.

Swap the Camera

You can switch between cameras with your smartphone. The symbol is displayed as a camera that has double arrows.

Switch On/Off the Camera

Look at your mobile screen, at the bottom center you will find an icon. Touch it to turn on or turn off the camera view.

Turn off the sound

The icon on the right side in the bottom center of your smartphone screen is the Mute button. Tap to mute and unmute your mobile microphone during a call.

Desktop User

Once your conversation has started, there are a few features that let you organize things the way you want them. Here is a breakdown of your options, for a desktop user:

Open the down arrow

Look at the far left and find out an expanded down arrow icon. Clicking on the arrow while on a video call will expand your video screen to the maximum height you set on Discord.

Switch from video to screen sharing

Look at the bottom of the screen to find two icons. This will let you switch from video calling to screen sharing activation. You can swap between both of them at any time during the call. When you turn to screen sharing, you can choose which monitor screen to share.

Release the call button

The next option is the End Call button. This ends the call when pressed. Avoid clicking on it accidentally until you have finished your conversation.

Turn off mute function and user setting

Find an icon to the right of the End Call button that looks like a microphone. This is the Mute icon and will mute or enable your microphone when you click on it. Next to this icon, the User Settings icon is similar to the one in the window on your shared page.

Switch to full screen

Clicking this icon will expand your video call screen entirely regardless of the current view. To exit full-screen mode, click the view selector or collapse icon, or press the ESC key.

Share sound

You can activate your voice while in screen sharing mode. That way, those on the other end of the call can hear all the pings and chimes when you hover them over the screen or train them in certain apps.


There are several causes of audio or video problems. However, Discord’s screen sharing feature is an advantage for users. You can show your friends your activities on the computer without having to download any other applications through Discord.

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