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April 14, 2020

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If you’re someone who just started a blog or is looking to start a blog, you may be wondering: how long does it take to write a good blog post? Unfortunately, there’s no particularly direct answer to this. All one can really say is that it depends, and on a great many factors at that. But knowing what those factors are can help you determine exactly how long writing a good blog post will take.

How Experienced are you in Writing?

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Needless to say, your writing experience is a big factor in how long it takes you to write anything, including blog posts. If you aren’t a particularly good writer, you may have to dedicate a lot more time to a single blog post than a good writer would. But of course, writing skill is something you can sharpen through practice, so there’s no need to worry about this factor too much. The speed with which you can write will increase the more often you write.

What are you Writing About?

Different topics require different levels of commitment. If you are writing a blog post for a complex subject that requires a lot of research, that is obviously going to require a larger time commitment than writing a blog post for something you don’t have to research anything for. Of course, one could fairly consider research for a topic as separate from actually writing it, but most would say that any research you need to conduct is part of the time investment of writing a blog post. Unfortunately, there’s not much one can do to minimize research times, so the nature of your topic plays a much bigger role in how long everything will take to do.

blog ideas

How Long is the Blog Post?

Naturally, the length of your blog post is another major contributor to how long it will take you to write a good blog post. And of course, the nature of your blog influences how long your posts are going to be. Generally speaking, a post should be 500 words at the very minimum, but they should generally be 1000 words at the most. After all, blog posts generally aren’t full articles, and they have to strike a balance between getting a reader’s attention and not boring them because you talked for too long. 

Naturally, the time it takes to write a blog post of 500-1000 words varies and is affected by many factors, including what we’ve mentioned previously. However, a blog post of that length should generally take around an hour to two hours. It could take three depending on how much research is needed, but longer than that would be a bit unusual.

Now, there are some exceptions to all of this. It’s not like blog posts longer than 1000 words or shorter than 500 are unheard of. Depending on the nature of your blog, it may actually be necessary to write shorter or longer blog posts, at which point the amount of time it takes to write those blog posts will fluctuate. In general, you should expect an extra hour of time for every 500-1000 words, dependent on your level of skill and how much research you have to conduct to write the post.

Alternative Option: No Time on your End

There is one way to ensure that a blog post doesn’t take any time on your side of things, and that is employing outside services. Pro essay writers and other types of online services like AdvancedWriters will write content that you request if you pay them to do it. In fact, most blogs employ these online services to take some of the burdens of regular blog post writing off of their own shoulders. Moreover, there are plenty of services out there you can make use of. Some will write just about anything, while others are fully dedicated to blog-post content.

Naturally, this is the type of scenario in which you are making a tradeoff between time and money, and it does still take time for the blog post to be written: it’s just not time that you yourself have to invest. If you have plenty of time but not a lot of money, this isn’t the best choice for you. But if your situation is the opposite and time is what you lack, employing the services of online essay writers or similar services may be a good choice.


The time it takes to write a good blog post fluctuates pretty significantly based on a very wide array of factors. However, your average blog post should only take from one to three hours on either end. Of course, if you hire an outside service to write the blog post for you, then it ultimately takes you no time at all but starts costing money instead.

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