How Mobile Tracker Helps You Monitor Your Children’sPhones

Mobile tracking
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Mobile tracker apps are becoming commonly available in this internet era. The tools are offered to parents, employers or guardians to keep teenagers from online threats such as bullying and dangerous websites contents.
Although some teenagers feel more secure knowing they’re monitored, some may argue that it’s an invasion of their privacy. But the fact is, these spying applications gives parents peace to know that their kids are safe.

What is a Mobile Tracker for Android Phones?

A mobile tracker is a spying software that can track Android phones activities. The tools record information typed on the keypad or shared through a smartphone such as chats, emails, videos, audios, and images.
Additionally, the tools can track the geolocation of an Android device using GPS and Wi-Fi networks. It can also record other activities including web browsing experience, detect SIM card changing and crack passwords.

Why You Need a Mobile Tracker for Android

People may be looking for Android mobile spying apps for various reasons. And one of the best, most effective and professional tracker is Hoverwatch. This tool can assist you in offering online safety to your children.

• Mobile Tracking for Children

Teenagers spend the most time in school, chatting on social media platforms or browsing the internet. And as a parent getting worried about where your kids are or what they’re doing is a common issue.

Mobile tracking

Are the kids safe at school? Are they where they’re claiming to be?
Such concerns can be solved by Hoverwatch mobile tracker. Since kids carry smartphones everywhere, the software installed on their device will allow you to track the phone. The tool has a GPS feature allowing you to check the instant location of your children.

• Phone Tracker in Adult Devices

If you’ve got a family member suffering from Alzheimer, it’s essential to track their whereabouts when they leave home. These people may encounter a problem, and it may get difficult for them to contact you. In such situations, an Android tracker program can help you in tracing their location, what they’ve been doing or the persons they’ve been talking to.

• Monitoring Your Employees

Do you get worried that your workers are somewhere else or are doing personal duties when they’re supposed to be working? Employees such as sales representatives do most of their obligations outside the office. Thus, it’ll be difficult to track their locations or find out what they’re doing.

However, when you install a phone tracker on their devices, the application will monitor all their smartphone activities and location. The tool can also allow you to trace area zones and alert you when they go to the places they aren’t supposed to be.

Uses of Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker

• Do your children spend most of their time on Snapchat, Facebook, Instagram or any other social media platform? Hoverwatch can help you to know what they’re doing.

• If you wish to know the person your child is speaking to on their phones, this software is your great solution. It’ll record call conversations and contacts names of the people your kids call.


Are you looking to know or check internet sites your children access through their Android phones? Hoverwatch will provide you with every browsing detail including website visited URLs and the content viewed.

Even when they delete the browsing history the application will save the information in your Hoverwatch account. You can view the data by logging into Hoverwach with your login ID.

What Can Hoverwatch Android Tracker Control

1. Calls and SMS Recording

The mobile tracker records the outgoing as well as the incoming calls. You can listen to recorded conversations by signing in into Hoverwatch Android app. Also, it can log text messages sent or received by the target device user.

2. Tracking Social Media Platforms and Messaging Apps

Hoverwatch spy app can record chats, videos, images or audios shared in Facebook messenger among other social media networks. Thus, you’ll know every detail your children, spouse or employee is doing on these social platforms.

Message tracking apps

3. Location Tracking

If your kids went to visit their friends, you might wish to confirm they’re safe. The GPS feature in Hoverwatch phone tracker will allow you to trace the specific location of your child. You can also use the app’s map to track the exact location of the device.

4. Stealth Mode and Front Camera Control

One of the most crucial features of Hoverwatch Android smartphone tracker is the stealth mode functions. For a spying app to be useful in monitoring phones, it needs to be undetectable by the target phone user.
Hoverwatch will record keystrokes in a hidden mode. This assures your safety and information accuracy because a phone user can’t tamper with or uninstall the software.

5. Instant Screenshot Control

The screenshot feature of Hoverwatch Android keylogger will enable capturing of discreet images using the front camera of the target smartphone. It’ll take pictures of the person using the device when they unlock it. Thus, help you recover your device if it gets stolen or misplaced. 

Is Tracking Your Children Legal?

Monitoring children’s phone is legal. This is because kids aren’t adults enough to know they’re being tracked or sue their parents. They’re under your care. However, you need to seek legal guidance before installing a spying app on your kids’ phones.

What Can You See After Installing Hoverwatch?

The program icon and the toolkit are invisible from the user. And every operation performs on the background, and thus the target phone user will not detect the software on their smartphone. However, you’ll receive real-time updates about the kids’ online activities on your account.

How to Use Hoverwatch Mobile Tracker to Control Your Child

When you wish to install Hoverwatch phone tracker app on Android devices, disable any protection to allow installation of the software. Once you’ve downloaded the toolkit, launch it on your kid’s phones, and every Hoverwatch feature will be enabled.
When the software records phone activities, it’ll send it to your account. You can then view or listen to information shared or browsed by the kids.

Hoverwatch Pricing Policy

Hoverwatch is an affordable tracker app. It offers a free trial version for 3 days where you can decide whether to buy a premium package. Its plans include:

Personal Plan: 1 Device

•1-month plan at $24.95
•3 months plan at $59.95
•12 months (1 year) plan at $99.95

Professional Plan: 5 Devices

•1-month plan at $49.95
•3 months plan at $99.95
•12 months (1 year) plan at $199.95

Business Plan: 25 Devices

•1-month plan at $149.95
•3 months plan at $299.95
•12 months (1 year) plan at $499.55

Conclusion and Results

Spying apps have many helpful features. However, when monitoring an Android device, ensure you’re not interfering with anyone’s privacy. Track your kids with Hoverwatch mobile tracker when needed and when they aren’t mature.