How Much Your Steam Inventory Worth

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Video games are very addictive and they are not new to the current world. They are becoming more popular in recent times, and some people are even doing it for business. There are video game tournaments, where people earn hundreds of thousands of dollars. If you are a video game enthusiast, you know what an inventory is all about. Also, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CSGO) players understand that the game’s inventory items are found on Steam. So, how much is your Steam CSGO inventory worth? It is important to know how to build a good inventory before you get to know about its value.

Video game

With a whole lot of items in your inventory, it wouldn’t be easy to know about its worth. Nonetheless, here are the things that will determine your inventory worth.

What Determines Your Inventory Worth?

First off, you will need to consider what you have in your inventory. Here are some of the things that will determine the worth of your inventory items:

  • The number of items present

Having multiple items from different categories will make them valuable. For instance, you can have skins, guns, knives, and other soldier attire in your inventory. The more they are, the more valuable they would be worth. So, you can buy as many items as possible for you to boost the value of your inventory.

  • The cost of the items

Still, it is not always about the quantity, but the quality as well. You might have some items that cost you a lot of money to purchase. In this case, they would automatically boost the worth of your inventory. For instance, if you purchased a specific skin for thousands of dollars, it will increase the whole inventory’s value. The skin might be more expensive than the weapons, which will still make the whole inventory valuable.

How Will You Know Your Inventory’s Worth?

It is not easy to know how much your inventory is worth, especially if you have multiple items in different categories. If you try to calculate the cost of each item, it can be tedious and probably impossible. However, you can make this possible with the help of dedicated websites that automatically calculate the value of your inventory.

Skin Wallet, for example, is one of the recognized sites that let you determine the worth of your Steam Inventory.

The best part is that calculating your CSGO inventory worth is very easy. The site does everything for you.

How Does The Site Calculate Your Inventory Worth?

First off, you’ll need to sign up for the service. This means creating a Skin Wallet account so that you can access its services. Once you have done that, you will need to sign in and synchronize your Steam account with the Skin Wallet account.

The site will then automatically wrap up the worth of your inventory. It does this with the advanced system that does the math and gives you a wrap up of how much your items are worth in your Steam account.

Is It Safe To Synchronize My Steam Account?

Precisely, it is very safe to do so with Skin Wallet. The site is secured with military-grade encryption to keep your financial information safe and secure. Your items will also not be leaked or stolen when you use the site.

How Can You Improve Your Inventory Worth?

Everybody wants to have a highly-valuable inventory worth. But how can you do so? The best and supposedly the only way to boost your inventory value is to do some trading.

You need to sell those items with no value and get those that have a higher worth. Instead of keeping them and filling your inventory, you should sell them and go for the valuable stuff. You can decide to trade your items.

When trading, it is almost like gambling. You pick the items you wish to give away/trade and hope that you will get a higher value item. In most cases, the items will come in a case. You will only know what is in the case when you open it. This means that you won’t have a clue about what is inside. But in a way, it is worth the shot because you could end up with items that are more valuable than what you had.

Things to Avoid When Trading

Trading can bear you good fruits if you play your cards right. Also, it can cause you some serious losses if you are not careful enough. But if you avoid some players and things, you will always be safe with your trades. Here are what you should avoid when making trades on CSGO.

  • New Items. Avoid purchasing or sticking with new skins. Normally, they don’t have a long-lasting demand, hence making them not worth the keep. Always sell new items.
  • Low-Ballers. These are traders that offer you items that worth less than your skins. They tend to try their lucks when trading.
  • Sharks. First off, you should know that sharking is legal, but still a way of trading in CSGO. This method assures you of huge profits if you are the one sharking. What happens is that a shark will approach a player 75 CSGO hours, along with an unboxed knife. They tend to be polite, but they can make you lose your most valuable items, especially if you are new and naïve.
  • Low demand items. Without any explanation, avoid buying items that have a low-demand, you might remain with them for the longest time possible. Plus, they are not valuable at all.
  • Low activity items. Suppose you land some cool looking knife or gun, hang on to them. They look cool and expensive, but if you want to sell, you might not get a buyer. The best part is that it will make your inventory extra valuable. But if you want to trade, avoid the low-activity items.

Keep in mind that the high demand, abundance, and cost of the items in your inventory will determine the overall worth. So, make sure you always purchase the right items.