How to access a Locked Computer

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To protect your computer from unknown intruders is as equally important as using it to the fullest. But most people after using computers recklessly over a period forget to take the necessary care. And in this process absent mindedness, they often end up with some mess, like forgetting or losing the system admin password. If it were some other issues, it could have been avoided right away, but when it is about forgetting or losing hold of the access password, it is a real blunder to tackle.

Your computer is undoubtedly a hub of endless data in the form of files and folders, and getting locked out of your computer means a complete inaccessibility to all those contents.

You cannot check your worksheets, your confidential research materials will be locked down once and for all, names and numbers details of an organization cannot be read, all your collected videos, music, and movies will go for waste. If these are the thoughts that are dreading you all along, then take a sigh of relief and let us remind you that there is always some ways out of technical cumbersome, if you know how to handle your device. Similarly, here also we are going to present you few simple, rather handy methods which can easily get your problem solved in no time. Just be careful and attentive to the guidelines presented below in order to ensure a guaranteed result.

Reset Password with Super Administrator Account:

When you install your Windows operating system for the very first time on your computer, apart from the admin account that you create, there is another administrator account that is secretly created by default unknown to your vigilance. This account is solely meant to safeguard your privacy and intended for these kinds of technical crisis and is known as SAC (Super Administrator Account). Mostly it remains deactivated, so here we would activate it first to get access to the locked computer and then would reset the password for the locked admin account. So to head on with the process, turn on your computer first and when the sign-in screen turns up, keep on pressing “Shift” key 5 times. A new administrator profile would appear on the screen which is your SAC account. Just click on it and enter your computer.

reset password with super administrator account

Once you get in, swiftly right-click on the “My computer” icon and select “Manage” option to open the “Computer Management” panel of your system. Click on “Local Users and Groups” and then “Groups” from the left side pane. All your already registered profiles will be displayed on the screen.

Selectively right-click on your locked account and choose “Set Password” from the sub-menu that you see. Next set a new fresh password without any relevance with the last password and you are done.


If the super administrator account is not enabled properly or you find difficult to access it from the sign-in page, then this method will not work in your favor.

Reset Password with Ophcrack:

Ophcrack is an all-sufficient Windows Password recovery tool which is preferred by many users still across the internet. Though it is unable to crack lengthy, complicated passwords, yet it is preferred for its guaranteed output. So if you had set up a short password for your admin account, download the Ophcrack on a different working computer and burn the ISO image files to a disk to create a bootable disk.

Insert the loaded disk to the locked Windows computer and boot from the disk. As soon as the ISO files are loaded on the bootup screen, click on “Ophcrack Graphic Mode Automatic” option to proceed.

reset password with ophcrack

The Password cracking criterion involves the brute force attack, and it might take few minutes to several hours. So be patient all along and make sure to keep the bootable disk inserted to the computer to prevent any interruption. If the process is successful, the cracked password for all your accounts will be shown on the display screen. Note down the required user account password and don’t lose it again.

Windows 7 professional


In spite of being effective, the tool does not work with 64-bit version OS and also with Windows 8 and 10. Moreover, it cannot crack passwords containing more than 8 characters which add up one more con to preference list.

Reset Password with Passfolk SaverWin Software

As you have clearly noticed that all the aforementioned methods have got certain pitfalls which surely give you a doubt regarding their usage. And thus if you are tired of using such pointless methods, then Passfolk SaverWin is the finest and the most trustworthy option that you can heed. Yes, it hardly possesses any downsides and facilitates the assessment of your computer by bypassing the login screen without re-installing the OS. In the process, no data from your computer is lost so it is totally safe and reliable.

All the Windows OS, be it XP/ Vista/ 7/ 8/ 10/ Windows Server 2000/ 2003/ 2008/ 2012/ 2018, etc are equally compatible with this tool. If your computer is handling UEFI/DSI/ Legacy BIOS modes, then there will be no issue with this software compatibility. All types of hard disks, such as RAID, SSD, HDD, and file systems like FAT16/ FAT32/ NTFS can be run with this tool without any difficulty. So, you can clearly make out the reason of your preference for Passfolk SaverWin.

But there are certain pre-requisites like a spare accessible computer, a blank disk, and the Passfolk SaverWin setup files should be available beforehand.

So now to start with the tool usage, get the software installed on any of your accessible computers. Open the tool with full fledge admin rights, and from the main tool, screen select “USB or CD/DVD” as the media type. Now, insert the blank disk and click on “Burn USB” button to start burning the ISO image of the tool to the disk.

reset computer password

When it is done, click on “Ok” button to abort the burning process.

unlock computer

Now your disk is ready to be used as a bootable disk, so connect it to the locked computer and boot from it by altering the BIOS utility settings. Once the ISO files are loaded to the new computer hard disk, all the saved profiles will be displayed on the screen. Carefully choose your locked admin account and click on “Reset Password” and “Reboot” buttons to start the password removal procedure.

reset windows password

Once it is completed, your computer will be rebooted automatically and you will enter your previously locked account without any password hassle any more clearly suggesting that your attempt is successful.


As a part of the conclusion, there is nothing more to say if you have realized the real worth of choosing Passfolk SaverWin over any other tools or methods. This is the only tool which can serve to the fullest without any shortcomings. So without wasting your time any longer, download Passfolk SaverWin as soon as possible to get over with your Password issue.

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