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Boat and yacht owners all over the world dream to have reliable onboard mobile equipment for a comfortable rest and pleasant sea voyage, during which it would be possible fully use the capabilities of the vessel, both in navigation and during anchorage. Universal electric linear actuators are the right solution that makes this possible. Actuator systems must meet two basic requirements. Primarily, they should conveniently fit into the design of the vessel, and secondly, they should be suitable for harsh marine weather conditions where redundant humidity and storms are powerful enemies. By choosing Progressive Automations the vessel owner acquire:

  • Increased comfort achieved with universal and easily implemented solutions;
  • An experienced supplier who can be easily contacted when needed;
  • Reliable linear actuator technologies always suitable for marine workloads;

For many years, Progressive Automations has been developing and testing electric actuators for heavy duty applications. Moreover, the company successfully implemented a number of new solutions for sophisticated outdoor equipment and managed to create the most suitable technology for boat automation. The company not solely simplify the integration of actuator solutions into the shipbuilding industry, but also provides the relevant high-level support throughout the entire implementation process. The particular emphasis placed on the reliability of waterproof products provided and, at the same time, great attention is also paid to comfort and optimal use of space on boards where the linear automation solutions were preferred. All these qualities, make the Progressive Automations products ideal for use on decks and in enclosed spaces of the ships.

Electric linear actuators bring totally new design features thanks to their easy installation and adjustability to a variety of products. The yacht rest will be pleasant if the owner takes care of simple, practical and convenient onboard equipment. Even the little automation is capable to make the vessel more comfortable. The automatic sofa is a brilliant example of comfortable ship equipment that automatically can be folded into a deckchair – this is exactly what linear actuators automation makes with the furniture implemented for. Besides, automatic height adjustment for tables, seats or TV stand &lifts creates additional comfort and saves an enormous amount of space. At the same time, Progressive Automations actuators smoothly move any piece of equipment and operate it simply.

Significant experience in the production of linear actuators and working around the world make Progressive Automations goods a perfect choice to make the right solutions for vessel automation. The company offers knowledge collected by hundreds of engineers and selects only the most appropriate options to advise in each particular case. With great talent and dedication, Progressive Automations provides convenient, tested, and up-to-use adjustable equipment solutions ready to become integral from the outset part of vessels design.

Making the boat fully automated from now surely can be done easily with reliable actuators suitable for outdoor implementation. Such linear motion technology was subject to testing to withstand the most horrifying weather conditions in the sea during long marine passages. Choosing the linear actuators of Progressive Automations for yacht owners means a reasonable and important move towards the safety and comfort of the vessel used for sea travels. The reliability and adjustability for operation in a merciless, salty marine environment for each actuator system mean 500-hours of salt spray testing and in addition to the high IP protection testing.

Therefore, PA linear actuators work reliably despite the winds, water, salt, and sun.

The customer-oriented approach in combination with the best technological solutions, multifunctional implementation, and the widest specification list of actuators created the totally new branch of watercraft engineering. Technological advancements in this sphere are now capable to provide really highly-ergonomic solutions – exactly what is needed when the onboard space is strictly limited.

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