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April 29, 2019

How to boot windows 10
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Searching for how to boot Windows 10 in safe mode? If yes, then in this article we are going to provide you a step by step guide which will surely help you to do so. Booting Windows 10 in safe mode is quite easy, but only if when done normally. If your device doesn’t support this function, then follow the guide provided by us.

How to boot windows 10

How to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode

One of the simplest ways to boot Windows 10 in safe mode is by pressing the F8 button present on your computer while booting up. Pressing F8 will give you access to the safe boot menu. But in Windows 10, it is disabled by default and needs to be activated manually.

You can activate it by following these steps-

Step 1: Boot up your device and invoke the ‘run command.’

Step 2: Now enter cmd in the run command and press Ctrl+shift+enter together.

Step 3: Simply copy and paste ‘bcdedit /set {default} boot menu policy legacy’ and press the enter button.

Step 4: Proceed further by rebooting your pc and you will be able to access safe mode by F8.

If you are still unable to boot your Windows 10 in safe mode, then there is another method which will help you to do so. We have provided its step by step guide which if followed correctly, will lead you to success.

How to Boot Windows 10 in Safe Mode without F8

Step 1: Make sure to turn off your PC before starting this process.

Step 2: Simply tap on the power button which will turn on your PC and hold it again for around 5 seconds to turn off your PC before it starts. Repeat this process for about 3 times. This will show up the Automatic repair windows in front of you. (You need not take tension, as this step is only to get access to Automatic repair windows. It will do no harm to your PC)

Step 3: Now let the process happen for a few seconds and you will be shown a Windows of startup repair. On this window, you locate the option of ‘Advanced Options’. Tap on it.

Step 4: Proceeding will further lead you to another window on which you have to select the ‘troubleshoot’ option. After reaching another window, again select the option of ‘Advanced Options’.

Step 5: Now simply proceed by tapping on ‘Startup Settings’.

Step 6: Locate the option of the ‘Restart’ button and tap on it. It will reboot your PC and show a list of startup options.

Step 7: Now while your PC restarts, move on to your keyboard and press 4. If you are interested in surfing some websites over the web, then you should press 5.

So, This was all about how to boot Windows 10 in safe mode. We are pretty sure that the guide has made a good impact and you will be able to successfully boot your Windows in safe mode. If you are new Windows 10 user then you must read “Should I use a Password Recovery Tool to Reset Windows 10 Account

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