How to Change Apple Watch Band [Best Guide]

How to Change Apple Watch Band
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How to Change Apple Watch Band

Changing the band in an Apple watch is easy and quick. It’s amazing that Apple has provided this feature to slide out the old band and put it in a new one.

Along with the watch, in the box, you get a number of original Apple bands of different colors. And these days, you can also purchase designer wrist bands online. And they fit in as good as the original Apple bands.

On its website, Apple has also recommended its users to only purchase those bands that would fit inside the Apple Watch case. There are two scenarios in which you might buy a band unfit for the Apple Watch case a) you are buying the band created by a company other than Apple and b) you bought a band of a version different than the one you are currently using. Apple watches come in several versions.

Here Are the Easy Steps to Change Apple Watch Band

Step 1: Place the watch on a smooth surface

It is recommended by Apple to place your watch on a smooth surface. Lay a soft cloth on top of a desk. Place the Apple watch face down.  

Step 2: Remove the band

At the sides of the watch, you will see two release buttons–one for each band. Hold on to a button and slide the band smoothly from either right or the left side. It comes off from either direction. Make sure not to pull it by force, as it would damage the ends of the band.

Step 3: Slide-in the new band

After you remove the existing band, keep it safely in a spare case. Since the original Apple bands are water and dustproof, you don’t have to worry about them getting damaged but they can easily get lost or misplaced.  

Further, while sliding the new band in, make sure the text on the band is facing you. As shown in the image above, there is a small circle with letters written inside it. Depending on the version of your watch and manufacturer of the band, the letters may vary. 

Once you slide-in the new band, you will hear a clicking sound. Do the same with the other side. Double-check if both the bands are adjusted correctly. That’s it. Now you can put on your new-look Apple watch.

What If I Have an Apple Watch With a Link Bracelet?

The procedure to remove the old bracelet and put on the new one same as that of the band. However, the quick-release button is located on the band itself. As you can see in the image above, the removal mechanism of a bracelet is a bit different than that of the band.

Having said that, your band won’t fall off the moment you press the quick-release button, you still have to place the watch on a smooth surface and slide-out the bracelet the way I demonstrated (in one of the previous sections) with the band.

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How to Change Apple Watch Band [Best Guide]