How to Create a Viral Challenge on Social Media

How to Create a Viral Challenge on Social Media
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Social media challenges have become very popular, and many successful ones have spread across the world. So, if you learn how to create a successful one, soon millions may hear about your brand. However, businesses must make sure that the topic of the challenge is not only interesting for a large audience but also relevant to their brand, so that those who might participate in it, also visit your profile and maybe become followers or even customers. So let’s learn how to create a viral challenge on Social Media. 

Viral challenges draw more followers and inspire user-generated content. So, a well-suited challenge can give you everything you hope to get out of your social media marketing efforts. However, picking a challenge that is relevant to your brand is not as easy as it sounds. Here are some tips on how to make sure that your challenge has the potential to go viral.

How to Create a Viral Challenge on Social Media

Use TikTok

Social media challenges are especially effective among the younger audience, and they are usually the ones making them go viral. So, learn how to create a TikTok challenge because with 1 billion monthly active users, and 60% of them are Gen Z, this platform is ideal for your efforts to create a viral challenge. Furthermore, since most TikTok users don’t hesitate to create videos, there is also a chance that someone very creative will come across your great challenge and create a video that may also become viral, spreading your challenge even further.

Choose a Topic 

While viral challenges can attract a lot of attention, it’s important to choose the right topic so that you attract the right kind of attention and the right people. To do so, for one you must avoid questionable wording and imagery, and have a team ready to respond to negative reactions and monitor the responses. 

Furthermore, make sure that the topic you choose is unique, memorable, and trendy. Most importantly, make sure that it’s relevant to your brand and valuable to the audience. This means that not only should you understand your goals perfectly, but you also must know your target audience (who they are, their interests, their behavior, etc.). This way you will be able to choose the words that will appeal to them. 

By doing all of this, thanks to the challenge you create your brand will seem more attractive to people, it will stand out and social media users will be more likely to relate to you. 

Make Sure It’s Easy to Understand

If you can, you should give your challenge a name that will already explain a lot about the nature of the challenge. It’s much less likely for a user to decide to participate in a challenge if they find it hard to understand it and follow any instructions. 

So, to give your challenge a chance to go viral, you must make sure that you provide all the details the audience needs to know. The explanation should give them the answer to any question they might have – why should they participate, what will they get out of it, what should they do, etc. 

Use the Right Hashtags

Successful challenges are an effective way to engage your audience. However, to make sure that your challenge doesn’t lose its provenance along the way, you should include a hashtag. Choose one that will help you get more exposure and create user-generated content. But keep in mind that it should be unique and relevant to your brand, your products or services,  your campaign, and of course, the challenge. 

Remember that people may misspell your hashtag, which is why you should choose a hashtag that is memorable and doesn’t have too many characters. Also, make sure that it’s something unique and catchy. This way you will ensure that users who accept the challenge include it, and increase your engagement rate. 

It’s also important to pick a hashtag that elicits emotion and action from the target audience. This way, you won’t alienate your current followers and increase the chance of a movement. Using a trending hashtag is another great way to attract more attention to your brand.

Get an Influencer to Participate in Your Challenge 

Using an influencer to promote your campaign is an excellent way to reach out to a large number of people and create a trend, and it is also a great way to make your challenge viral. However, you must make sure that it’s the right influencer, meaning someone who is in the same or related niche, and whose audience may be interested in your brand, products, or services.


There are many ways to promote your content on social media, and a viral challenge is one of the best ones. However, creating a successful challenge will require careful planning. So, read our tips and start working on your challenge.