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June 3, 2022

how to delete current account
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It’s not always simple to delete current accounts you’ve made on the internet. Here’s how to unsubscribe from various popular services, including Facebook, Google, Netflix, and Hulu.

When you want to come out of a relationship with internet service, the expression “I wish I could quit you” takes over a whole new meaning. Sure, you always thought you’d be friends with Facebook, Amazon, or Netflix, but terms of service evolve, end-user licence agreements mature, and you’re no longer in the same digital space.

Unfortunately, not all websites, social networks, and online merchants are made alike when deleting your current account. It simply takes a few clicks for some to say their goodbyes. If you cease paying for a service on a few websites, the site will cut ties with you relatively fast. Others need you to jump through additional hoops. Even if you complete all of the needed steps, certain sites will never truly leave you alone, leaving traces of your relationship behind.

Many sites wouldn’t make it easy when it comes to getting rid of an account online, no matter what you name it—how to delete your current account, cancel your account, or remove it. You would not want to hurry into separation, and if you’re prepared, we’ve put together a list of tips, links, and—in the most severe situations numbers. (And, to be sure, there’s a distinction between deleting and deactivating an account.) As appropriate, we’ll explain the distinctions for each account.) Also, legalities often prevent a service from erasing everything you’ve publicly posted in the past, so traces of one’s time there could live on indefinitely.

Online Services and Social Networks

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Facebook, the social networking behemoth, has 1.86 billion users worldwide as of late 2016, nearly double what it had in 2012, so the few who choose to remove or deactivate accounts are unlikely to be missed. But, before you throw up the towel on Zuckerberg and co., please remember that Facebook became the de facto log-in choice for many internet businesses, retailers, and media sites. Some even demand that you use Facebook. As a result, deleting a current account on Facebook may keep you out of other than one social media network, irritating some users.

If you’re ready to say goodbye, the deactivation link can be located in the account settings under Security, but you can also use this straight link while logged in. It’s available on both the desktop and mobile apps. Facebook would try to persuade you to stay by displaying photographs of pals who will probably miss your presence on the social media platform. If you push through your emotions, It will ask you to explain why you’re quitting, then opt-out of future mailings, accept to delete any applications or pages you’ve created, and confirm your decision.


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Twitter Tweets are simple to delete. You can deactivate the account by visiting Twitter’s “user settings” page from a laptop internet browser (but you can’t do so from a mobile device). When prompted, please enter your password, which is all there is. The accounts and data are destroyed after 30 days, which is the time limit for you to return. 

 Twitter’s crippled six-second video-sharing tool is linked to your Twitter account, thus deactivating; Twitter automatically deletes Vine. To get it “permanently suspended,” go to your settings on the laptop and click the Delete Accounts link.

Google (and YouTube)

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Google is a huge company. Google offers a plethora of services, including an office suite and storage via Google Drive, blogging via Blogger, email via Gmail, applications, as well as media through the Google Play store, marketing via AdSense, maps, video sharing via YouTube, Hangouts, Google Photos, a sad attempt at a social network the list, goes on and on.

It’s fairly simple to delete them all at once. You don’t need to ask how to delete your current account. Just Use the link to delete your Google account. That’s all it needs to walk away (and lose all your files, emails, videos, and other important information, so save it first. The Google password support page gives you a short grace time to reestablish the account, but it isn’t long.


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LinkedIn might be said to be the most valuable social network available, particularly for job networking, and that doesn’t throw out the prospect of the show being cancelled. Indeed, LinkedIn advises that if you have numerous accounts, you should delete all but one to unify them.

How to delete current account?

  1. Log in using a desktop browser and go to Account: Settings & Privacy by clicking the thumbnail picture in the upper right. This link will take visitors to this page.
  2. Under Subscriptions, look for an option that says “Closing your LinkedIn Account.”
  3. Give a reason for your departure—most sites would like to know what they can do better or what went wrong—and then click Continue.

Give a reason for your departure—most sites would like to know what they can do better or what went wrong—and then click Continue.


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It is not enough to delete the app from the phone. There’s no way to delete the account using the app, either. But it’s not all doom and gloom. Log in to Snapchat’s Delete Your Account page on the web (It opens in a new window). You’ll need to use a Captcha to show you’re not a robot, and afterwards, re-enter the passwords on the next page. Then you click Delete My Account, and your long, tumultuous (or, more likely, not-so-tumultuous) relationship with Snapchat is gone.


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It used to be hard to delete a Skype acc., but still, it appears that you may now do so by chatting with Skype employees online. It’s only feasible if you’re connected to the website, which allows them to identify you. They’ll still want verification, requiring you to verify at least five Skype connections along with the email address used to join. They’ll turn it off for you after that. (Note that this only applies to Skype IDs; it does not apply to Microsoft IDs.)

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