How to Disable Apple FaceTime [If you are facing bug issues]

Disable Apple FaceTime
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Are you an Apple user?

Is FaceTime is one of the feature which you love about Apple?

Then this is a piece of must-read news for you as Apple FaceTime bug lets you listen in on people you call, even if they haven’t picked up their iPhone!

Disable Apple FaceTime

You might be surprised or shocked & right now straight away you are also checking your phone that there is really a bug or it’s fake and you found that is really happening. You can also check with your away friend to notice this bug. Here’s how it works: Using the bug, someone can listen in or see you through your iPhone. This might sound weird but yes it is & you have to stay safe in it!

Apple knows about it & it has also temporarily disable group face time until there will be a permanent & fixed solution, Don’t worry it will be okay in sometime as this is a small bug but still it can leak your important information. So to be extra secure & safety, Here is what you can do to disable FaceTime from your phone:-

  1. Go to the Settings of the Phone.
  2. Click on FaceTime Option.
  3. Turn Off the FaceTime & check there is no green showing.
  4. Check FaceTime that it is working or not.

That’s it. So now nobody could listen in or try to watch you through from your iPhone’s camera. This is just only for your safety & security otherwise you can use normally Face Time & have fun with your Friends on it!

Here is the statement that Apple provided to CNBC– “We’re aware of this issue and we have identified a fix that will be released in a software update later this week.”

Also, Apple Apologized to its user & given a formal statement-

We have fixed the Group FaceTime security bug on Apple’s servers and we will issue a software update to re-enable the feature for users next week. We thank the Thompson family for reporting the bug. The company sincerely apologize to our customers who were affected and all who were concerned about this security issue. We appreciate everyone’s patience as we complete this process. Company want to assure our customers that as soon as our engineering team became aware of the details necessary to reproduce the bug, they quickly disabled Group FaceTime and began work on the fix. We are committed to improving the process by which we receive and escalate these reports, in order to get them to the right people as fast as possible. We take the security of our products extremely seriously and we are committed to continuing to earn the trust Apple customers place in us.

[Source- CNBC]

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