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December 17, 2019

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10
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How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

So you want to find the MAC address in your windows 10 PC? Before you move ahead with step-by-step instructions to do so, you need to know what a MAC address is and also its significance in the world of network devices. After going through the next two sections, this 12-digit hexadecimal number won’t seem like a mystery to you.

What Is MAC (Media Access Control) Address?

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A MAC address, also known as an ethernet address is a 6-byte-long binary number located on the networking card box in each and every network device or interface. In a Windows 10 PC, this number gets generated and saved once you install the operating system. 

Furthermore, to successfully send/receive data from one device to another, the MAC address should be unique on both the devices. You will never find devices with the same MAC address within the same network. 

Also, note that a MAC address is can only be used in a local network. Corporate offices, colleges, schools, government organizations, etc use MAC addresses to send and receive data within the organization.

When Do I Need to Find My MAC (Media Access Control) Address?

You will need to retrieve the MAC address from your Windows 10 PC when connecting it to a local Ethernet (or wifi) network. Say, you moved into a new home and hence, now will be using the internet via a new wifi service provider. You can use the same old router but you do need to pair up the router with your PC or PCs. This is where you will need a MAC address.

Easy Step-By-Step Instructions to Find Your MAC Address

Firing a command on the command prompt is the easiest and the quickest way to find the MAC address on your Windows 10 PC. You can do the same via the control panel, but it would be cumbersome.  

Step 1: Open the command prompt

Since we are persisting with the easy way, open a command prompt by typing the word “command prompt” in the Windows search box at the bottom-left of the screen. For more clarity, you can refer to the image below. Or, you can also search for “run” and type the command “cmd” in it. It will open a command prompt window. 

Step 2: Type the command ipconfig/all

Here, next to the user name, type the command “ipconfig/all” as shown in the image below and press enter. 

Step 3:

Finally, the command prompt window will display the wireless LAN adapter and wifi configuration. Here, scroll down till you see a label “Physical Address”. The 12-digit hexadecimal number you see in front of this label is the MAC address of your PC.

How to Find Mac Address on Windows 10

Is It Safe to Share My MAC (Media Access Control) Address with Others?

MAC address is a unique identification number for your device. So, most probably, you will be using it internally– within your home or workplace. Generally, no one will ever ask you for your MAC address online.

Even if they do–unless it’s a hacker trying to hack into your home/work wifi network–won’t be able to do much with it. For detailed information on this topic, go through this StackExchange thread.

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