By Meghna Deshraj

June 15, 2021

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Maybe it started as a thing for the soul. Then you have realized that there is no space left in the hobby area and the horizons must expand. Now pieces you write ask for more attention and refining. Turning writing into a career it’s high time for you to define who you are as the writer and author of incredible ( not less, right?) content. Journaling, short stories, attempts at novel-writing, and other things you have been doing pursuing your inspiration might provide you with a hint of what path to choose and how to make unique steps on it, style-wise. Your writing background and things described in this piece might help you outline an action plan.

Refresh on writing traits basics

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Do not get offended by an idea. Of course, you are creating decent texts and want to add more brilliance to them. Then you might have erroneous thinking, that the basics of staying on topic and worshipping conventions might matter little to nothing. Creativity and talents know no boundaries, and Present Simple tense misuse pales in comparison with the overall greatness of your work. However, your writing must show the literacy of the creator. Otherwise, because of your language rules ignorance, you might put in doubt everything you share, especially when we talk non-fiction here.

Feedback community

If there is a chance to join the authors’ community for the writing pieces discussions – do so! Like-minded people with fresh eyes to evaluate your writing might provide you with a meaningful and, to some extent, precious piece of advice. If there is no such community, or you haven’t found the one you feel comfortable joining, then start one yourself.

With the tech possibilities granted to us, the place pretty much does not matter. You may gather online. Think of a way to promote it so that people would want to join. Hit on the design apps and get some help on how to advertise your event. Use a poster maker online and let people know what is about to happen with an eye-catching and enticing poster. Spread it among the potentially interested groups. All you need is a presence. The agenda will flow along the way.

Never stop writing

The idea is that you have to write daily. You may be a part of the elite who has time at dawn to open the journal, contemplate the sunbeams, starting lighting the sky and the world for that matter, drink coffee( juice) and write…and then write a little bit more. Also,  there might be a community of those who commute to work quite a decent amount of time and can use it for developing the suspense of their next chapter. Somebody may get inspired while chewing on a delicious turkey sandwich and start writing right away. The gist is that it does not matter when to write, or what circumstances have preceded it. Keep on writing any time you have an opportunity to do so.

Reading is your mentor

You have gotten the idea that writing practice should be happening on a daily basis. Reading must happen not less frequently. The greatest authors together with their masterpieces serve as the best inspiration to commit to diligent work. That work includes refining and honing your writing skills. Once there was a story that made you want to become a writer yourself. And every next one after it kept igniting your writing wick. Daily quality reading fuels the imagination. Thorough research of the authors’ techniques and approaches helps you revamp your work.

Editing is an alley

See editing as your alley, not your enemy. Whether it is you who does that, or there is a specially hired person to help you must never avoid this part of the writing process. Developing your style, enhancing your voice with the word choice and sentence structure, you may get carried away and lose the thread of you being you in your writing.

A skilled person from the side might spot the problem and mildly draw your attention to it. It is not meant to discourage you from writing. Editing grants the perspectives for improvement and helps you get better. Evolution is about everything. You can’t keep building anything on the knowledge you have gained some time ago. New approaches appear and require adjustment. Editing is a part of a much-needed evolution in your writing realm.

Simplicity is a winner

The moment you stop complicating your writing with far too long sentence structure, grammar craze-outs, or vocabulary that only aliens will understand then your text will produce engagement for a much wider audience. You, as an author, yourself might feel relieved when creating content that is not loaded with eye and comprehension-killing stuff. Some concepts indeed require a more complex approach to communicate on paper. It is your goal to simplify that as much as possible. The readers hate it when it’s hard. Usually, the text goes abandoned and your message or brilliant resolution is never read.

Compare and contrast

Being in the craft for quite a while, or just starting a few weeks ago still provides you with writing pieces that you might place in front of your eyes chronologically. Why do so? You must see your progress, or regress (that is possible and precious to learn from) in order to be able to trace the areas that require delicate treatment. If you no longer have it, writing-wise, you might look at your previous work and see what was giving you the spark. On the other hand, if now you are much better than before, your previous writing experience will motivate you to grow even more, since you certainly can.


Establishing yourself in the writing field requires efforts and total commitment to the craft. To find a style and maintain it is not easy, since little things stay stable in the world. some modifications are possible, once you have found them. However, before that listen to yourself, stay true to your lines, and align your work with your purpose, style-wise.

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