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April 1, 2016

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How to Fix Chrome Crashes in Windows 10. Even though Windows has its own native web browsers – Internet Explorer and Edge, people tend to prefer Google Chrome because of its speed, flexibility, security and performance. Although Chrome is one of the better performing web browsers available today, but just like any other software it also encounters bugs and the occasional run-time errors either due a problematic extension or because of the OS. This article talks about how to solve the crashes in Google Chrome at a layman’s level so that even newbies can make the most of it.

Solution 1: Scan Google Chrome with Chrome Cleanup Tool & Fix Registry

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Chrome Cleanup Tool is a standalone application which helps to remove any apps or toolbars which may cause problems for Google Chrome web browser. These issues can lead to the browser crashing all of a sudden, becoming unresponsive or not working at all when launched. Similarly the Registry cleaning tool eradicates the dormant and conflicting Registry entries of Chrome. This greatly helps in fixing Chrome crashing instantly. You can use this Intel Software Partner, tool to repair Chrome Crashes

  1. Download the Chrome Cleanup Tool from
  2. Open it in Administrative Mode. 
  3. It will scan the whole computer along with Google Chrome. Be patient and let the scan finish completely.
  4. When it shows the software programs which might cause problems with Google Chrome, click on Remove program to remove them from the system.
  5. Click on Reset to reset Google Chrome to its initiate state.
  6. Restart Google Chrome and see whether you witness any positive changes or not. Also, sometimes you may need to reboot your system.

Solution 2: Check for Conflicting Software Manually within Google Chrome

When the software and drivers installed the system conflict with Google Chrome, it may not be able to work as it is designed. Therefore removing the conflicted software may help fix the issue

  1. Open Google Chrome.
  2. Type chrome://conflicts into the address bar and press Enter to bring up the Modules loaded into Google Chrome list.
  3. Look up for any problematic software from the list.
  4. Search for its name in Google. As an example, a while ago BFLLR Dynamic Library was notorious for conflicting with Google Chrome. Hence the user had to remove or update it to fix the issue. In the same way search for the item name in Google to find how to remove it. Usually it’s not necessary to remove it as an update is mostly available. New updates always help fix the conflicts and related issues. Therefore it’s important to keep the software up-to-date in the system.

Solution 3: Scan the Computer for Malware

It’s a well known fact that Malware can cause problems in a computer. It may not be very apparent, but it’s a wise decision to scan the whole computer on a weekly basis to make sure the computer is safe from dangerous malware crawling the Internet. Windows has its in-built Malware scanner known as Windows Defender which can identify any major malware and remove them easily. As long as the Windows Defender’s malware list database is updated it can identify and remove all malware easily. Luckily the update process in Windows 10 is fully automated. Therefore you should not worry about it unless it’s turned off. Follow the following steps to scan the whole computer with Windows Defender.

  1. Open the start menu.
  2. Search for Windows Defender
  3. When it shows up in the search result, click on it to open it.
  4. Select Full from Scan Options. Next, click on Scan now to initiate the scan. The scan will take a while as it’s a very thoroughly done. Therefore, be patient and let it finish by itself without causing any diversions.

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