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December 25, 2016

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How to fix Quickbooks Errors? Fixing QuickBooks Errors Couldn’t Be Easier Than This! Are you someone who’s having problems with QuickBooks? Or, are you still unaware of how to use it correctly?


Well, Intuit QuickBooks has truly been a blessing in disguise for tens of thousands business companies for more than a decade who use it in the form of financial & accounting management tool for managing everything from money, paying bills to employees in a comfortable manner. However, this amazing accounting tool is a reasonably intricate application which proves that it tends to have unexpected errors and issues.

Given below is a list of Quickbooks major errors and their fitting solutions:

1. Failure in updating Data File – You’ll often come across this situation at the time of installation when you’re trying to upgrade the accounting tool from earlier version to newest one.

Troubleshooting: Here, what you need to do is build a backup initially and then run a verification before you uninstall the old version of QuickBooks.

2. Failure in rebuilding Data File – This error takes place when verified data is not upgraded to newer version of Quickbooks. Therefore, return to the previous version if you want to rebuild the data.

Troubleshooting: Follow the 3-step approach:

  • Start off by backing up the data file.
  • Verify the data file.
  • Rebuild the data file.

3. Losing Data File Connection – Losing data file connection is a common error and it usually takes place because of wrong settings of this accounting application.



Here’s what you can do fix the error of data file connection lost:

Just seek help from Quickbooks Connection Diagnostic Tool and use it to find out the root cause of problem.

Expert advice: Please note that you have a steady firewall & antivirus connection before you try to fix this error.

4. Reinstallation Failure – In case you want to reinstall the Quickbooks accounting management tool, then you should consider ‘The Clean Uninstall’ feature.
However, before you finally go for reinstallation process, don’t forget to uninstall the previous program with the help of regular Windows uninstall techniques.


  • Delete C:\Program Files\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX directory.
  • Next, delete C:\Windows\Users\Documents And Settings\Program Data\Intuit\QuickBooksXXX directories.

5. Jumbled “Items” List – The accounting management application defines the product(s) you trade as “items”. It is easy to simply throw inventory anywhere and forget about the amounts update. Below given is a list of ways you can clean up the items list:

  • Begin with deactivating any items no longer sold by you.
  • Ensure every item is properly labeled as “inventory” or “non-inventory”.
  • Now, double-check amount in stock.
  • Ensure you keep all your costs for every item updated.
  • Price tag every item properly with correct revenue & cost accounts.

6. No use of Purchase Order System – Majority business owners fail to utilize this amazingly useful system


  • Build a PO each time you purchase product from a merchant.
  • Ensure you get items against a Purchase Order.
  • If you view at a PO report, you should not have purchase entries more than one year old.

7.  Multi—user mode not supported by QuickBooks – This problem occurs because of hardware and data file problems and can be solved with few quick steps.



Simply, click on the Clean Up Company Data Tool located in File or Utilities. Alternatively, you can also opt for Audit Trail feature in order to get desired results.

8. Data Files not located by QB client on the server


  • Start by checking if Server Manager is properly installed and is functioning correctly on your server machine.
  • Just, map drive to server as it’s highly likely that your Server Manager is not working properly.

9. No licensing Information – If you have lost the documentation & license/product numbers, you can easily locate them in QuickBooks.


  • Locate the licensing information either by hitting [Ctrl 1] or F2 while QuickBooks accounting management tool is opened.
  • In case, you want to reinstall, just re-register the licensing information.

10. Quickbooks Printing problems – In case you are facing problems getting printouts from QuickBooks, you can fix the same by following the given steps.


  • Close QuickBooks.
  • Look for qbprint.qbp file.
  • Rename it as qbprint.qbp.old.
  • Now, Restart QB to get easy printouts.

11. Lost Admin Password – Although it’s quite uncommon to get your admin password lost but you can reset or recover the same very easily.



Use the QuickBooks Automated Password Reset Tool to get your new password or recover the old one.

12. Incapable of copying or moving QB Data File – This situation is the result of locking down of few files by the QB Server Manager & the Directory Monitor.


  • Start off with by simply closing down QB and then click Start.
  • Now, Run and enter services.msc and look for QuickBooks services.
  • Stop QB services.
  • Now, it’s time to copy & paste that Data File.

13. Entering a Bill or Writing a Check for Loan Payments – A number of business owners practice Enter a Bill or Write a Check windows so as to make their loan payments each month. However, sometimes they fail to do so due to wrong practices.


  • Go to Banking.
  • Click on Loan Manager and set up a new loan.
  • As soon as the new loan is set, click on the option of Set up Payment.
  • Once this is done, QuickBooks reports will immediately grab input of payment every month and will also keep a proper track of principle & interest.

14. Non-reconciliation of your bank account – Well, you’re highly mistaken if you think it’ about typing in each transaction into the application. But, it’s about examining all transactions to make sure they are in right place for right amounts.



  • Open reconciliation module.
  • Search through every transaction on a monthly basis.
  • Make sure every transaction hits right account.
  • Ensure it cleared the bank.
  • Lastly, make sure no transaction was missed or booked twice.

15. Misusing the account of Un-deposited Funds – In case, are getting payments from your customers and your cash account is not getting increased on financial reports, then it’s highly probable that you’re using un-deposited funds improperly without even knowing it.


  • As soon as you get a payment from customer, open up deposit module.
  • Now, batch checks together that you have received to bank.
  • Lastly, record them as 1 single deposit in QuickBooks

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