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March 17, 2018

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Internet Explorer (IE), the inbuilt internet browser in Microsoft Windows operating systems is one of the world’s most widely used web browsers. If you’re using Internet Explorer, you may see a certificate error message “There is a problem with this website’s security certificate”.


A user who tries to connect to a secured Web site by using Internet Explorer may receive the following warning message:

“There is a problem with this website’s security certificate. The security certificate presented by this website was not issued by a trusted certificate authority.”

Security certificate problems may indicate an attempt to fool you or intercept data you send to the server. We recommend that you close this webpage and do not continue to this Web site.

Fix the “Certificate error: Navigation Blocked” in Internet Explorer

Follow these steps to solve the problem:

Solution 1. Adjust your computer’s date and time

This problem can occur if the computer’s clock is set so that the date/time is later than the expiry date of the web server’s SSL certificate. Make sure that computer’s date and time is correct.

Solution 2. Windows firewall is blocking the website.

Follow these steps to turn off the windows firewall.

Log on to your computer as the administrator.
Click on the Start button.
Go to Control Panel.
Click on System & Security.
Select Windows firewall option.
From the left pane, select “Turn ON or OFF windows firewall” option.
Now turn OFF the windows firewall & click on OK to save changes.

Solution 3. Change the Security Level

1.  Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select Internet options.


2.  Select the Security tab and adjust your security zone settings to medium.

Solution 4. Server Certificate Revocation

1.  Open Internet Explorer, select the Tools button, and then select Internet options and then Advanced Tab.


2. Find Security by scrolling down and deselect these two options and click apply.

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