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August 2, 2018

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The emergence and evolution of the Internet over time has created a new era of unlimited possibilities for humans. It is also a known fact that over 50% percent of the world’s population is benefiting immensely from the convenience the internet offers. And like an icing on the cake, the ever-increasing sophistication of computers and related gadgets further increases of using the internet.

However, the issue of slow internet connection has become one issue that often acts as a constraint to smooth surfing of the net. But this piece will be uncovering possible ways of fixing the problem through various options.

Possible ways of fixing slow internet speed on your computer

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Due to the different computer interface and operating systems among other disparities, this piece will only be revealing a general approach to solving this challenge.  And despite the fact other factors can cause slow your internet, it is always advisable to confirm the strength of your internet connection or signal before troubleshooting further. This is because there is little that can be done to increase the speed of the internet if the source of the connection is limited.

  • Troubleshooting your hardware: Ensure to crosscheck your modem, router other means of connection whether they are correctly connected, switch on or functioning well.
  • Stop Auto-update: When auto-update is turned-on on your computer, it means your computer will automatically start a background process of searching for available updates and also go ahead with downloading without further consent from the user. This sometimes reduces the speed of the internet; however, turning it off can boost your internet speed.
  • Reduce unnecessary computer application: There are also a handful of computer applications that are simultaneously sharing the internet with you. Simply close them, and if there are not that important, just uninstall them.
  • Clear your web Cache: You can go through your computer’s control panel to your browsing history to delete cache files. Likewise, you can also delete cache through various browsers to speed up your internet. But the process of doing this differs for computers with different operating system and browsers.
  • Stop background application: This is quite different from uninstalling unused applications. These are applications that a start running discreetly immediately your computer is switched on. You can always stop these start-up applications through your tasks manager, device manager or the control panel as the case may be.
  • Reduce irrelevant Add-on from your browsers: The fact here is that you barely need most of the add-on being suggested to you through your browsers or newly installed application. Do away with them, and you will have a better chance of enjoying the internet.
  • Use reliable PC Cleaner: You tend to see a lot of cleaners out there promising you the whole world, but you would be surprised they make both the speed of the internet and the processing of the computer even worse. So, desist from using just any cleaner that pops up on the net. And for maximum efficiency, go for more reliable and paid ones.
  • Brief disabling of Firewall: Firewalls acts as a protective shield for your computer, and they commonly come with antivirus software. But they do affect internet connection in some instances. However, all you need to do is disable such firewall for a while irrespective of the antivirus package, then check for improvement on the internet.

Also, other ways of fixing or boosting a slow internet include:

  • Updating of network drivers
  • Changing the settings of the internet bandwidth
  • Reduce the application you run simultaneously.
  • Turn off images or visual effect of your browser (only if it not necessary at the time).

Using the ‘Shut down’ or ‘Restarting’ option of your computer can as well put a stop to whatever may be slowing down your internet speed. But in the situation where you are not sure of what to do or how to maneuver yourself through all the above options, kindly seek the assistance of a more knowledgeable individual to help out.

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