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September 18, 2019

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There have likely been many times that you have come across an image that has text on them. But what is that font called? Where have you seen it before? There have likely been far too many times where you saw a font that caught your eye but could not identify it for further use. It can be a frustrating experience, particularly if you are in the graphic design medium.

Don’t let that happen to you again. Thanks to the progression of technology, there are now a litany of apps that can help you determine what kind of fond you have just seen and where to find it. Places like – Free Fonts that are available in a quick click – are all over the web. This can be a hugely helpful tool later on down the line and give you the experience and keen eye to be able to identify those fonts later on down the line.

Here are a few apps that are more than worth checking out to help you identify fonts that you have seen on pictures around the web.


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WhatFontIs makes it easy for you to identify the type of font that you are seeing in an image. All you have to do is save that image and upload it into their web app and it will identify the type of font that it is down to the family, style weight, size, line height and even color. It is a comprehensive tool to give you all of the specific information about a font that you have seen.

You can even download the Google Chrome extension that will help you to identify a font that is not located on an image. The only downside to WhatFontIs is that you have to register to use their product, but it is definitely worth putting in your information and doing so. You will never have to wonder about a font that you have seen and will discover a ton of different fonts that you may not have known about previously.


One of the most popular options on the web today is WhatTheFont. There are a couple of specifications that you have to follow to ensure that you get the proper identification of a font. Things like not allowing images to touch one another, that the text should be as horizontal as it possibly can be, and that the height of the letter should be at least 100 pixels.

After you have uploaded your image and have typed out the font that you are looking to identify, the web app will display the results of its finding on the left. Not only will you see the name of the font, but an example of it and the name of the person that created it. If a sound match is not found, it will also give you the option to consult an expert.


FontEdge might not be as identifiable as some of the others on this list, but it is definitely worth checking out as a viable newcomer to the font identification game. You simply upload your image by clicking the image icon. At the bottom, type in those letters that have the font that you are looking to identify. When you click “identify now”, it will look for the best options that fit your font.

FontEdge will present you with a number of results that most closely resemble the font that you are looking for. When you click on one of the results, it will generate a preview at the bottom of the page so that you can get an idea of what font you are looking at. It is that simple.


Quora is one of the premier destinations on the web where people go to get the answer for their questions. They also have a section called Typeface Identification where you can upload the image with the text in question and ask users if anyone happens to know the name of the font. This is more of a community outreach application than anything else, but users often have the most insight as they have also used the product in question.

Using a community-style forum, you can find the fonts that you have been wondering about thanks to help from your fellow users.

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