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Aren’t you bored of hearing the same default iPhone ringtone everywhere? No need to worry at all because now you can have a custom ringtone to spice up your phone settings. Not only can you have a ringtone of your choice but you can also edit it with some of the best iPhone ringtone maker apps for the purpose.

In this article, you will know about how you can create a ringtone of your choice on your iPhone using different apps. So, without any further ado, let’s get started! 

How to Make a Ringtone for iPhone

Softorino YouTube Converter:

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Softorino YouTube Converter also known as SYC2 being the best among all the other apps, not only provides a great range of music to download but also allows you to convert them to iPhone ringtones. With its quick and easy-to-use interface, the app allows you to download any of your favorite songs from platforms like YouTube or SoundCloud. Without leaving the app you can not only download the audio but also the video files.

Here’s how you can create a Ringtone using SYC2 in just 4 simple steps: 

1. Download the app and connect your phone to the computer:

Start the process by downloading the app to your computer. When downloaded, connect your iPhone to it with the help of a USB cord or through the same Wi-Fi network.

2. Search for the song to download:

Once connected, you have millions of song choices to download from youtube. Search for the one you want and crop it to any size, from any place that you want your ringtone to be. Now click on “Convert to Ringtone”.

3. Transferring to the iPhone:

As you’ve cropped your desired song as the ringtone, you need to click on the “Transfer to iPhone” option and lastly click the big “Convert and Transfer to iPhone” button. Your ringtone is now ready and transferred to the phone.

4. Go to the sound settings:

Simply go to the sound settings in your phone and select the brand new custom ringtone of yours giving pleasure to your ears every time someone calls.


Softorino provides its users the best features a ringtone maker can have. Some of them are:

  • In-app browsing access to youtube so you can download songs without leaving SYC 2.
  • Trimming of the song to 30 seconds or using the full song as the ringtone.
  • Downloading the ringtone without iTunes.
  • Access to all songs available on Youtube, Soundcloud, or other websites.


·   Very easy to use.

·   All types of songs available.

·   Download as many ringtones as you want.


·   Cannot add sound effects to the ringtone.


iRingg also being one of the best iPhone ringtone maker apps provides a variety of features to its users. Available on both Windows and macOS, the app lets you customize your ringtone in every possible way. With its 6-sense technology, it analyzes your music taste and suggests relevant songs using the iTunes app on your phone.

Just like the SYC2 app, it allows you to browse songs from youtube or SoundCloud with the in-app feature. Without any assistance from iTunes, you can now make your own customized ringtone from any song you want.

Let’s have a quick view on how to make your custom ringtone through iRingg;

1. Launch the App:

After launching the app on your browser, select a song from the app suggestions or by searching for a different one and select it.

2. Customizing the ringtone:

Once the song has been selected, you can trim it to any size from any part you like and by using the features add different effects like enhancing sound at the start, fading-out effects, or adding sound effects of rain, walking, or any other you want in the ringtone.

3. Export to your phone:

Now, as the ringtone has been selected and customized with different effects, you can export the self-made masterpiece directly to your iPhone by clicking the “Export” option.

4. Select in sound settings:

Just as easy and convenient it seems, now you have your customized ringtone in the phone’s sound settings from where just select it as your ringtone.


iRingg provides the most interesting features to your ringtone,

  • It suggests songs based on your music taste.
  • Allows the users to download any song from youtube or SoundCloud using the In-app feature.
  • Fade-in and Fade-out feature where you can enhance the ringtone volume at the start or at the end.
  • Allows you to add sound effects to your ringtone making it cool. You can add effects of rain, bomb, thunder, or any other sound you like.
  • No interference from iTunes or any other third-party website.


·   Easy to use.

·   Editing the sound options.

·   No converting hassle.


·   Time-consuming while editing with effects.


After the launch of the latest iTunes version, adding ringtones to your phone has become a much-complicated task unlike before. This version does not let you browse through your phone settings to select the ringtone. However, downloading the music in M4R can help.

M4R is a special audio format developed by manufacturers which can be used as ringtones in the device reducing the original audio size.

To use the iTunes app, follow the following set of steps;

1. Download the music:

Firstly download the song in its M4R version to your computer using some other software or apps and in the size, you need your ringtone to be. Once downloaded, open iTunes.

2. Connect your iPhone to a computer:

Connect your iPhone to the computer where the ringtone is downloaded and by syncing, all your sounds are now transferred to your music library.

3. Sound settings:

In the end, go to the phone settings and select your downloaded music to set it as the ringtone.


  • Gives access to M4R music.
  • Direct downloading of the ringtone to iTunes.
  • The app sends your selected ringtone to the sound settings just like the other two apps.


·   Works well with all iPhone models


·       Difficult to use.

·       No in-app feature for youtube.

Our pick:

Changing your iPhone’s ringtone was never this easy before. All thanks to these apps for giving iPhone users the ability to have a custom ringtone of their choice. Among all the ringtone makers, the Softorino YouTube Converter serves the purpose in the most convenient way with all its features.

We hope while reading the article, you’ve decided what your new ringtone is going to be. Go on, change it now, and dance to the beats every time someone calls you.

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