How to make the most of Google’s search engine?

Google Search Engine Hacks
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We don’t need to explain what the Google search engine is. This fantastic feature is so popular that millions of Android users around the globe can’t go without it. Whether it’s a young lad looking for the best movies to binge or a company researching ways to improve productivity, Google’s search engine is everyone’s favourite answer bank.

As commonly used as the search engine is, many of you are yet to tap into its riches and explore the true power of this tool. Some don’t even know how to make the most of it. So, today we’ve brought to your screens seven ways you can make the most of Google’s search engine.

7 Google Search Engine Hacks For a Better Experience

Make Use Of Quotes

Adding quotation marks to your search words is the difference between getting related results and getting specific results. The major problem with searching for word phrases is that your results come up with a series of searches related to each word and in any order.

For example, if you search for tesla model cars, your results could be articles related to each word individually. But when you use quotes, i.e. “tesla model cars”, your search engine will search for the entire phrase. This saves time and energy.

Utilize The Tabs

Ever notice those tabs under the search box on Google’s web pages? Well, they aren’t just there for aesthetic purposes. These tabs are named after the content they contain, e.g., news, images, etc. They serve as tools for sorting search results.

So, if you want to define what you’re searching for, be it a picture or the latest news about the content you’re looking for, do use the already named tabs.

Keep It Simple

This tip is a little bit understated. You don’t always have to be extra specific when searching on Google. Just type it however you want it, and Google will immediately provide answers that best match your search.

There is no need to go over the top when looking for the nearest shopping mall; type “shopping malls near me” and let Google’s search engine handle the rest.

Use Google Shortcuts

To make your search even simpler, explore the world of Google shortcuts and commands that sprinkle a bit of easy magic on your search words. Looking for the definition of a word? Type “define *word*”, or do you want to know the time in Tokyo? Type “time Tokyo”. It’s that simple.

Always Insert Keywords

When searching using Google’s search engine, don’t type the words as you’d typically say them but rather how you expect them to appear on sites. In essence, focus on inserting the keywords rather than scrambling many words together.

So next time you’re looking for the best ways to get rid of molds from your household, type “best mold removal tips” instead.

Use Descriptive, Not Narrative Words

Sometimes, your search results are affected by how well you described the terms. You have to remember that words can be used in multiple forms different from yours, so when searching online, explain exactly what you mean rather than narrate what you want.

Use Hyphens

Tired of Google bringing up results that are different from what you expected? Then use hyphens as a hack tool to eliminate unwanted effects. What this does is that it prompts the search engine to remove unwanted content related to the words after the hyphen.

So, if you’re searching for mustang and want the horse and not the car to pop up, type “Mustang – cars”, and all car-related results won’t appear.


We can bet you didn’t know most of these hacks before now, but we’re sure glad you do now. These search engine hacks are keys to unlocking the more effortless and much better Google search engine experience.