How to Optimize your Smartphone for Sports Enjoyment

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We truly find ourselves living in the information age in 2022. Every day, over 1 trillion megabytes of data are captured and disseminated across global systems. Few people realize just how much insight and analysis is now available to them right at their fingertips, from understanding weather patterns, to tracking stock market fluctuations. One area where an abundance of readily available information has revolutionized the way people live their lives is the sports entertainment industry. Over the past few years, smartphones have made available to regular sports fans the kind of insight once reserved for professional coaches and sports pundits. Below we’re going to be taking a look at some of the simple yet profound ways that you can optimize your smartphone to get better coverage and access to your favourite sports, ensuring you’ll never miss a goal or be behind on the latest news rumours again.


Tuning in Live

This one sounds obvious, but not everybody realizes how far officially sponsored streaming services have come in recent years. Improved connection speeds, coupled with larger high-definition displays have made the prospect of watching whole games on your smartphone not only viable but enjoyable. Many platforms, such as NFL’s Redzone subscription service broadcast live games right to your fingertips as well as offer the ability to replay events or just check out the highlights. Platforms such as ESPN+ go one step further by offering subscribers unbridled access to their network with full scheduled coverage across their channels. Those with a smart TV or HDMI streaming sticks can even cast live games to their big screen, using their device as a remote.

Information at your Fingertips

Smartphones also made accessible a huge range, and variety, of information surrounding sporting events. Sports fans can tune in to YouTube channels and Twitter accounts offering live analysis and feedback on games and events as they play out. Equally, one can take the temperature of an upcoming match-up by checking out established online bookmakers such as SBO and getting the latest odds and picks. And officially supported platforms, for example, Formula 1’s F1 TV app, give their users the kind of information once reserved for team engineers, from real-time telemetry on tire temperatures, to gear changes and lap sector times. It’s also easy to take for granted unprecedented access to individual athletes’ lives through their social media profiles, which open a window onto the reality and culture surrounding a sport in a way that would have been impossible in the past.


Don’t Miss a Beat

A simple yet often overlooked way your smart device can work for you when tracking a favourite team or league is through notifications. Both Android and iOS have, over time, become increasingly sophisticated and nuanced in the way they process and present notifications to users. This is understandable, given that nowadays the potential for “notification overload” has never been more likely. On Android, for example, one now has the option to not only select in minute detail which alerts one wants to receive from an app or service but how they would like to receive them. You can turn all notifications off, or select the silent notification feature that pushes alerts to your lock screen discreetly. Such granular customization means you can still receive blow-for-blow updates from a live match while in a business meeting or professional context (don’t worry, we won’t judge). Furthermore, with the use of notification profiles, you can keep such alerts switched off until the game begins, meaning you don’t get bogged down with unnecessary updates.

Step up and Play

Gaming on modern smartphones has come a long way thanks to optimization in hardware and improvements in game development for mobile platforms. There are a huge range of officially sanctioned sports games available for both Android and Apple devices in 2022, such as Madden NFL 22 Mobile, FIFA Soccer and NBA Live Mobile. While these don’t come with the range of features you would expect to find on their home console equivalents, they are captivating in their own right and a great way to pass time in the off-season or between games. They go a long way to ensuring your phone is always ready to serve up some captivating sporting content on-demand.

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