How to Promote Your App Effectively

How to Promote Your App Effectively
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How to Promote Your App Effectively

Many small businesses that dabble into creating their own app often believe that there is no need to market their application. Just getting your app on the app store is supposed to do the trick, but that is not entirely true.

Getting your application on the app store is one thing, and getting it to the potential customers is another. When you hire an app development agency, their responsibility doesn’t end with developing a well-designed app. They could give you the best application in the world, but if they or you do not know how to launch it into the market, it is pretty useless.

Like any other product or service launch, you have to have a marketing strategy for your application. You have to use different channels to get the maximum coverage possible.

Here are some of the things you can do to market your app:

  • Describe your application. Have a summary ready. You should be able to describe the purpose of your app in 2-3 sentences.
  • Know your UVP (Unique Value Proposition) or USP (Unique Selling Proposition). This is a statement that points to the benefit of what you are offering, how it solves the issues of the target audience, and how it is unique to what is already on the market.
  • Optimize the app’s product page and customize the landing page to be the selling points. Invest in graphics and content. Make sure to have an attractive icon.
  • Create an automated marketing routine for the launch of your application.
  • Curate case studies and get testimonials from users. Testimonials and reviews give credibility to your app. This is a low budget way of marketing your application.
  • Know about the latest app marketing trends that you can apply.
  • Build a social media presence. Social media is the most lucrative marketing channel available to you. It does not cost a lot of money if you have a presence already, and it is also effective as you get to tap into the potential customer base.
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Final Thoughts

Treat your application as you would treat a new product or service. An application is basically a product that you are offering to your clients. For people to get interested in your application, they need to be aware of its existence. You have to get your app out there.

Make sure to create some buzz around the launch date. Get influencers and reviewers talking about your application. Play with social media marketing tactics like contests, giveaways, games, etc. Invest in other online marketing channels and include the current marketing trends in your plans.

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