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If you are the owner of a Canon printer but have been left shocked at the price of ink, then you need to read our guide. We are here to help you find new ways to get the Canon printer ink that you need without paying more than you can afford. We will also take you through some of the common issues people face when they are looking for printer ink and how to avoid being ripped off.


New Ink; Canon or Replacement?

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One of the most fervently debated arguments is whether original ink is better than replacement ink and which you should buy. Having tested ink from both sources, we have found that there is no difference at all as long as you source a reputable ink supplier service.

Replacement ink costs less not because the product is poor but because the suppliers have less overhead costs and rely on repeat custom for the bulk of their income. These savings are then given directly back to the consumer so that you can benefit from low priced ink without compromising on quality.

Avoid Your Local Store

While you may think that heading off to your local store is the quickest way to get ink, you may be mistaken. As well as being the most expensive option, you will have to find time in your schedule to make the journey and purchase the ink. This can be time-consuming and take you away from other tasks that need your attention.

Instead, buying online is a great way to get your ink without wasting time. Stores like Smart Ink, specialise in Canon cartridges and will deliver the ink speedily so that you can click and pay then get on with life while you wait for the post.

Choose Great Customer Service

Sometimes we all make mistakes when we go to buy ink or end up with a product that isn’t what we hoped for. The quickest way to resolve this is to buy from a seller that values you as their customer. Again, ink replacement services need you to be happy so that they can depend on you for repeat business.

Say you were looking for Canon 271 ink cartridges but could not find the quantity or type you needed then a decent ink replacement service would have a live chat facility where you could get advice on what you needed to buy and also tell you when you could expect to get it delivered by. This type of service is far easier and efficient than any other service you will find elsewhere.

Ultimately, getting the best ink in the quickest way means that you may need to change the method in which you make your purchases. Take some time to check out the online ink suppliers that are available to you today and start getting your ink quicker, cheaper and smarter than ever before. We know that you will be pleased you did!

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