How to Remodel your Life for the New Year

How to remodel your life for the New Year
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How to remodel your life for the New Year

“New Year; new you!” as the mantra goes, is an often repeated expression that denotes the newness that comes with the New Year. The fact that it is another opportunity to get things right, to do things differently, to improve on yourself, and set new goals, to do the things you were not able to do the year before. The New Year’s resolution is about making new decisions and making adjustments to your life. It’s an opportunity to bring about change in your lifestyle, your relationships, your career, and your business. The New Year’s resolution is an opportunity for you to remodel your life in the direction you want, and it is possible to begin the New Year with a new you.

The need to make New Year resolutions is universal, but so also is the failure to keep the resolution going. People often hit the rock when it is time to execute the plans they made for the New Year, how to avoid that hitting that rock is what this article is about to share with you. There are hundreds of self-help books and articles dedicated to making a New Year’s resolution, but none that took the approach I discovered in a book titled, A New You, you should check it out. However, here are a few ways you can declutter and remodel your life, career, relationship, and business for the New Year.


The process of letting go of things that are not necessary, that does not add any value to you, or that you can do without. Oftentimes, the reason you are unable to achieve your goals for the year is the presence of things you should let go of. Decluttering can be physical or mental, but if you must achieve your goals this coming year, then you must let go of certain things. It might be certain people that you need to keep in abeyance for the sake of your goals, or activities you have to let go of so that you can have the time you need to achieve more important and urgent goals.

Newness is often an illusion to people until they experience it in any aspect of their lives. A new you, is not an illusion, because every day, people experience a newness in their lives that never leaves them the same. How to get there, however, is something that seems to be a problem. Different things make up one’s life, and to be sincere, oftentimes you can lose sight of what truly matters. When this happens, you become too preoccupied with irrelevant things that it becomes wearying to keep up. If you have ever felt like there is so much going on with you, and you really need to get a hold of your life, then it is time to work towards a new you. A New You is a wonderful book that would teach you how to begin a new year with a new you, declutter and remodel your life, your lifestyle, your relationships, and this includes your business relationships.

Organization and Planning

The process of decluttering would not be complete if it is not accompanied by organization. After you declutter your personal space, your mental space, even your physical space, you will need to rearrange things. This is what gives you the chance to set things up in the most convenient way. Make plans or you won’t be able to kick start the New Year. Resolutions work best when they are written down, and organized, one goal after the other. This is the blueprint for a successful new year’s resolution. There are fun things you want to do, many people always make such plans, and it seems for some people, fun is all they end up doing, while for others; they end up overworking themselves and having no fun.


You will only have a successful new year if you remodel your life by maximizing your time, your energy, and making good use of the resources that are available to you at the moment. One of the burdens of beginning the New Year after a resolution has been made, and carrying through with the resolutions is having unrealistic expectations for yourself. In a bid to make new resolutions and have an entirely reformed life, people often wear themselves out before they even begin the year. And this is why some people never make it through with their resolutions. In this book, a lot of what would make your resolution of a new year with a new you work is explicitly explained like never before. Knowing how to use your time, your energy, and having an understanding of the resources you have will go a long way to ensure the success of your resolutions.

According to A New You, it’s important to start off by waking up to your reality and then closing the gap that exists between your aspirations and your abilities. If you do not know the boundaries of your abilities, then you would burden yourself and end up not achieving you’re your new year’s resolutions. The blueprint for success is not merely being passionate and having ambitions you stubbornly pursue but also knowing what can work for you, based on what your abilities and resources are. Instead of planning to do so much, and ending up overwhelmed, and doing nothing, you can identify your strengths and weaknesses, and focus your strength on what can work for you in the coming year.

More than half of the people who make New Year plans record absolute failure, a good number of others start out and burn out, others become overwhelmed with the whole activities and requirements to achieve what they planned for, but that doesn’t have to be you. A New You was written by a criminal investigator and uses models from policing and intelligence to expound how you can achieve your new year’s resolution.