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April 27, 2020

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Google is used by the people from every walk of life. Whether it is the big enterprises, small companies or solo entrepreneur Google is the trustworthy companion. Along with many other modes of communications fax is still their preferred mode to send and receive the sensitive documents.

The difference is that people want to use fast modes and portable gadgets and to make it possible. Technology has incorporated faxing service into the Google products. Now you can send and receive fax by using Gmail or Google drive. 

With Google fax services the bulky fax machine and papers are no longer in use. Now faxes are being sent by using Gmail services from different platforms without any landline. With internet connection you can now send and receive faxes from all around the world.

Online faxing by Google fax services:

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You may be thinking that fax is an analog interface and analog signals travel via telephone lines, how it is possible to send analog signals by using a digital platform that is an internet connection. It is not possible to send fax directly via Google fax services by using the internet. You need online faxing software to act as translator and convert the analog signals into digital ones and vice versa. 

There is no need for you to connect your PC with a telephone line. You can use this service on any gadget like your smartphone, laptop or PC with an internet connection.

So if you are from the healthcare profession and want to send some classified information about your patient online faxing is the best option, instant, reliable and time saving and the best service for you is CocoFax.

CocoFax- online fax translator:

CocoFax is the most convenient, time saving and well-designed online faxing service. It can transform your mobile phone into a virtual fax machine. There is no need for telephone connection, costly papers and toners. CocoFax receives the TIFF file from the fax machine and converts it into a PDF file. With CocoFax online fax Google services can be used in a convenient way.

With CocoFax, the image quality can be preserved and security of the documents is guaranteed. Encrypted messages provide military level security. Its wide range of features and economical subscription plans make it the first choice of users. CocoFax has millions of positive reviews in its bucket list and is supported by the most reputed enterprises round the world.


What gives CocoFax an edge over other faxing services?

CocoFax provides you a free service for the period of one month. One thing which is mandatory for faxing is fax number. CocoFax provides you a free fax number. If you are already using a fax number, you can keep on using the same number or you can choose a new number from the different categories provided by the CocoFax.


CocoFax keeps the record of all the faxes and provides you email to fax and fax to email service. You can use CocoFax on your smartphone. In case of android or iPhone you can install the app of CocoFax. You can send multiple documents as a single fax. CocoFax supports multiple formats, not just PDF.

CocoFax is reliable and informs you of the successful delivery of faxes. Not only that you can receive the faxes online on CocoFax.  There is no need to print the documents, directly attach them from the PC without leaving them in open.

How to send online fax with CocoFax:

You can either fax via CocoFax dashboard or can use email to fax service. Both are almost the same with a tiny difference in the process involved.

Send fax via CocoFax web browser:

Step 1: on the CocoFax official site click on the 30 day free trial. You will see a new window; here you have to choose a fax number.

free trial choose fax number

 Next step is to enter the personal information and email address. On this email address you will receive the faxes from people and the notifications of successful delivery of faxes.

free trial account info

Step 2: after signing up CocoFax dashboard will appear. If you want to send a fax, click on the ‘new fax’ option.

Step 3: a window with multiple fields will appear. Fill in the compulsory fields correctly.

To: in this field you have to enter the fax number of the recipient. 

Subject: this field is up to you to fill. You can leave it empty if you want.

Body: this one is optional too. You can type a short message for the recipient here.

Attachment: if the documents are not saved in your device you have to scan them first or you can convert them into a digital file by taking pictures with a smartphone. Then, attach the file here. With CocoFax you can send multiple files of different formats at the same time.

Step 4: after you are done composing the fax, review it and click on the ‘send’ button.

send fax online with cocofax

Once the fax is delivered successfully, you will get a notification on CocoFax dashboard and a confirmatory email in your inbox. 

Receive fax via CocoFax dashboard:

For receiving the fax no need to follow the multiple steps. You will receive a notification on receiving a fax. CocoFax will convert it into the digital file and send it to the inbox. You can read it anytime you want. 

CocoFax will save the faxes received when the PC is off so you won’t miss any fax.

Send fax via email by using CocoFax:

CocoFax has made faxing a five finger exercise by introducing the feature of fax to email and email to fax. Process is the same, you have to sign up and enter the email address you wish to use for sending and receiving the fax from others. 

After that go to the email account and click on the ‘compose new fax’ option, fill all the mandatory fields  but the difference is that in ‘to’ field where you normally enter the email; address of the recipient, you have to enter the fax number of the recipient with suffix if the fax number is 123456 you will enter ‘[email protected].’ after attaching the document click on the send button.

send fax online with cocofax

In case of receiving, all the faxes are saved in your email inbox automatically and you can see them whenever you want like you read your emails.

receive fax


Google has made faxing a duck’s soup. Now you don’t have to worry about maintaining a separate landline, busy lines and poor image quality. You can send and receive fax instantly with CocoFax. You will not face any hurdle while faxing via CocoFax, make sure to follow the steps keenly and enter the correct fax number.  You will not use another means of faxing after trying CocoFax because its unique set of features makes CocoFax fun to use.

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