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January 22, 2021

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In the work environment, there is no way to avoid managing documentation. Almost every company prefers to work with PDF files. This is due to the fact that they are considered to be the safest and most user-friendly option offered today. Obviously, you can work on documentation using the file format (Microsoft Word, Google Sheets, etc) that’s most suitable for you, but make sure to keep in mind when you finish working on the file that it’s wise to save it in PDF format to avoid threats or damages. In Microsoft Word for example, another person can edit or delete the document as soon as they open it.


With PDF files, the situation is considerably different. In order to initiate changes to this type of file, one must have permission from the file’s owner. Without permission, it is impossible to edit the file or make any changes. There are obviously ways to get around these permission settings, but it is not as simple to do as in Microsoft Word or other text formats. 

The PDF file was developed by the Adobe Acrobat company. Currently, the majority of enterprises that exist today cannot imagine their work without the genius format of the PDF. It continues to develop and evolve every year and new options are regularly introduced to its users. The PDF file we know today differs considerably from the first version that was invented by Adobe. PDF now has a plethora of useful functions that provide support in optimizing their work and cooperating effectively. 

If you collaborate with either colleagues, students or teachers, you will need the option of file sharing. In order to get a clear understanding of how to share a PDF file, read this short guide and start using everything PDF files have to offer. Learn how to share PDF online and which services offer this function. 

In our current era, people and companies are trying to reduce time spent on mundane activities like sharing PDF files. Individuals much prefer to spend more time on tasks where the results are immediately apparent. Sometimes it’s complicated to move forward if you are stuck on something and cannot complete the task at hand. 

In conclusion, it’s better to know the fundamentals about formats, files, and their options in order to reduce time spent on these issues. 

How to share PDF easily online

Easily invite people to participate in creating, editing and proofreading your PDF with Lumin PDF. The main advantage of this service is its simplicity. With Lumin, it’s incredibly easy to work on various PDF files and share your work with those who are  involved. Collaborating on the Cloud isn’t a problem if you are sharing the document with Lumin PDF. You can share a PDF file on Google Drive with the Lumin PDF service quickly, comprehensively, and safely. 

How can you share a PDF on Google Drive with Lumin PDF?

In general, most people prefer to use Google Drive for sharing PDF files. It’s quite convenient because you can upload all of your files and share them with colleagues if you so choose. Put simply, the doc is saved in one place but many people can have access to it and work on it simultaneously. There is nothing simpler than sharing a PDF on Google Drive if you are working with programs like Lumin PDF

Note that you cannot share PDF files with those who do not use Gmail. If you are working on the same team project, make sure everyone has access. 

If your organization needs to share large files, it may prove to be time-consuming. It would be better to download a safe and reliable program, or to use the file online.


Simply turn on Lumin PDF and stop wasting your time on these humdrum activities. 

How to share a PDF file with the help of Lumin PDF

1. Find the PDF file you want to share on Google Drive

2. Right-click on the chosen PDF file

3. Choose the option “Open with”

Note: don’t try to open your file with Google Docs (this option will be offered) because certain graphics and layers will not be preserved. The file you want to share will differ from the newly created file. The originally created format can be also removed or changed so make sure you select the right option.

4. Select “Lumin PDF” from the apps that appear

5. Connect Lumin PDF to your Google Drive

That’s it! Enjoy the simplicity of sharing, collaborating, and rearranging PDF files easily. 

6. Open your PDF file in Lumin PDF and use the editing tools if necessary

5. When everything is completed, share the file by clicking the blue “Share” button.

6. Invite your team to work on the shared file, or copy a public link if you don’t want to connect through a Google account.

If you connect your Google Drive to Lumin PDF, you will be able to perform any operation; moving, sharing, editing, splitting, etc. It will be an invaluable option if you work with documentation. Additionally, you will be able to share PDF files across your personal devices without leaving the cloud or downloading the files from Google Drive to upload them to the Lumin PDF cloud. 

Start working productively with highly technological and innovative apps that offer highly-qualified services that allow you to spend time on more urgent tasks without wasting valuable hours sharing files. Share PDF files with only a few clicks thanks to Lumin PDF services, and enjoy the simplicity of the process.

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