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January 28, 2020

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This is the question that must have come in our minds for at least once due to any specific reason. Most people keep trying different practices so they can hack or spy on any cell phone but they don’t know that they can actually spy on any phone device using phone spying service. Yes, phone monitoring services are designed and programmed in a way that you can use them to spy on any phone device as per your requirements.

In this era of modern technology, everyone is competing and the same case is in the field of phone spying. There are dozens of companies working in the industry that are providing phone spying services but you can’t trust them all. This spying process should be reliable and professional because poor phone spying services can compromise on the security or performance of the target device.

Now, another question is that can we spy on any phone without installing software or touching it. Well, covering the whole article will let you know the answer to this question in detail. Now, we would look at one of the best phone spying companies that is professional and advanced in the field of phone spying activities.

Cocospy – World’s leading phone spying service

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Cocospy has established itself as the renowned phone surveillance company in the market. This company has millions of active users that are using its spying services on a daily basis. Cocospy provides the best and reliable phone monitoring services to its customers without any kind of false claims or fraud.


Usually, spying a phone requires Root or Jailbreak type of practices but with Cococspy you don’t have to perform such activities. Cocospy spying service allows you to spy on a cell phone without asking you to attempt such risky processes.

Most of you would be feeling curious to know what type of phone data you can monitor using Cocospy’s monitoring solution. Well, let’s check out some of the main core spying features of Cocospy.

Features of Cocospy spying service

Every spying feature of Cocospy truly reflects professionalism and modern technology. These features are particularly designed according to the user’s requirements so they can spy on any device without any complications or issues. Let’s take a look at some features.

Track Phone Calls

  • View all incoming and outgoing calls of the target phone device.
  • View call durations and timestamps of every single call.
  • Check out all contacts that have been contacted most.

Track Messages

  • Read every text message that has been sent or received by that target device.
  • Access for reading deleted messages also provided.
  • Browse MMS content.

Track Phone Location

  • View record of the device’s locations based on WiFi and GPS.
  • Check out the cellphone’s entry and exit time in any particular location.
  • View address and location coordinates.

Spy on Applications

  • Monitor every third-party application that is installed on a cellphone.
  • Access to read Facebook messages.
  • Read WhatsApp messages.
  • Control of spying on almost every other application of that target device.

You can visit Cocospy’s official website to check out more secure and brilliant spying features that this phone monitoring company is offering.

How can we spy on any cell phone using a Cocospy phone spying service? Do we have to install any application in order to track any phone?  Can we spy on both iPhone and Android devices remotely? Now it’s time to answer all of these questions that have been revolving around in your mind for a long time.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone using Cocospy Spying Solution

Most of you might be thinking that spying on a phone device using a Cocospy solution will be difficult. Well, using Cocospy service is very easy and simple because there are not any kind of unnecessary prompts or dialogues that waste your time. 

The question that needs to be answered is, can we spy on both iPhone and Android? The answer is Yes, Cocospy allows you to track both types of devices without requiring any Root or Jailbreak.

Can we spy on a cellphone without installing any software? Well, the answer to this question is Yes for iPhone and No for Android. To spy on an iPhone, only iCloud credentials are required whereas in Android you would have to install the Cococspy app just for once in order to configure your Cocospy account on that device.

Now we have to take a look at some of the basic steps that we need to follow in order to spy on any cell phone device either iPhone or Android.

Step 1

Open your browser, go to the official website of Cocospy and click on the button of Sign Up Now.


Step 2

  • For an iPhone, enter the iCloud account details of that target iPhone device to proceed further. (Disable Two-factor authentication)
verify icloud
  • For an Android phone, you would have to install and configure Cocospy’s app on the Android device.

Step 3

Follow on-screen instructions to complete the whole installation process within a few seconds. Congratulations, now you can monitor that configured device by simply logging on to your Cocospy’s account from any web browser and start tracking that spying from your dashboard screen.


I’m not sure that if this concern hits your mind or not that there is a chance that the device’s owner may detect us by figuring out installed Cocospy’s app on his phone. Well, no need to worry about this because the Cocospy app works in stealth mode in order to stay hidden from the user’s access.

I hope you have got enough knowledge about Cocospy’s spying solution and how it works. If you still want to try this service on your own then Cocospy is offering a Demo live version that will help you to understand Cocospy along with it’s every feature. You can access the Demo version by visiting the website of Cocospy on any web browser.


When we talk about any phone spying service then there is nothing better than Cocospy. Using Cocospy, you can spy on any type of device without attempting Root or Jailbreak activity. Cocospy is the best phone monitoring solution for everyone to track any device without getting detected.

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