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Web design

Starting a web design business is both engaging and fun. This is the surefire way to reach your business goals, grow customer base, build partnership relations with clients, establish your brand identity and generate profit. But is it as easy as it may seem from the start? What are the key nuances to be considered in order to make your company successful? Are there any rules to be followed to overcome the potential problems? Actually, launching a web design company is always stressful and challenging. You should know how to start an llc. You’ll need to face tons of tasks and you’ll have to know how to effectively handle them. That’s exactly why, awareness of web design basics, patience and readiness to improve your knowledge is a must in this complex endeavor. If you do everything right, the result won’t keep it waiting and you’ll get the reward for your effort and time investment. Prior to proceeding to the web design business set up, get ready to analyze the following aspects:

  • Web Design Experience. The realization of your actual web design skills and experience should be the first step to outlining your business development strategy. It will also affect the choice and complexity of web design tools you’ll need to go for in the long run.
  • Budget. How much money are you ready to invest into the project? What are the must-have tools and features to go for?  Define the budget of your future project based on the clients you target, skills, short- and long-term objectives as well as expectations.
  • Define the Audience. As a web designer, you may specialize in various niches. Setting up the web design business implies the focus on a particular sphere as well as the choice of the audience to target.
  • Skill Level. Is this is the first try to launch a web design business or you have already been in the web design business for a while and know the niche basics? Your actual web design skill level will impact the choice of web building tools to work with.
  • Discover the Niche Specialization. Proper niche choice matters as much as your web design expertise or even more. To be able to set up successful web design business, you should initially outline the products or services you will provide as well as the budget. The more distinct your business plan is – the more chances for success you have and the better your potential clients will understand your message and objectives.
  • Stay Aware of the Market Trends. Awareness of the market trends will help you complete projects that will come up to the expectations of your clients. Web design market doesn’t remain static. On the contrary, it is dynamically changing with new trends and tendencies being introduced on a regular basis. Whether you are a newbie or have previously worked as a web designer, take your time to find out current web design trends.
  • Know Your Competitors. Web design market is the one, where strong competition is the most obvious. It’s not easy to launch a web design business that will stand out from the crowd right from the start. Analyzing the competitors and knowing their abilities should be a priority to everyone, who plans to launch a startup.
  • Outline the Strategy. Do you know what to start with? What are the must-have steps to be completed to launch a thriving business? It takes time to outline the strategy of your business development, but if you do everything right, it will become a kind of a plan to follow.
  • Pick Quality Web Design Software. Modern web design niche unveils lots of effective web building tools to get started. Some of them work best for professionals, while others are created with the needs, skills and requirements of newbies in mind. The use of website builders will not only simplify the entire process of start up launch, but will also grant access to a variety of platforms to choose from. These services have much to offers to each and every user. The feature set they provide, extensive white labeling options, affiliate programs and other web design advantages ensure hassle-free yet quality and successful web design process. It’s high time to review two website builders – IM Creator and uKit – that unveil extensive web design opportunities to beginners and professionals. So, let’s talk shop right away!

IM Creator – White Label Website Builder

Website builder

IM Creator  –  is a website builder, which has gained user attention due to its powerful feature set, abundance of tools and options needed to launch different types of websites. The system has a free plan for users aiming at launching non-commercial projects, but there is also an opportunity to upgrade to paid subscriptions, if you have serious web design aspirations. One of such solutions is White Label Plan, which enables web designers create a completely unique web editing environment for their clients. You will get access to the impressive set of features and tools you will be able to use under your company brand name. This means that you won’t have to waste your effort, money and time to start a stand alone business. Instead, you can use ready-made tools and options IM Creator has in stock to start building custom made websites for your clients.

IM Creator

As of today, over 17 million websites have been launched with IM Creator and many more are under development. The system comes with a drag-and-drop editor, advanced Stripes and Polydoms technology and variety of themes to pick for any White Label project. You are free to express your creative freedom via adding personalized content, create a slideshow, integrating social media widgets, customized forms, HTML codes, Google Maps and other elements your clients would like to see on their websites. It’s up to you to host ready made projects on any platform of your choice, but the system eagerly hosts websites built with it on its powerful and secure servers.

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One of the most impressive things about IM Creator White Label is that it is fully integrated into your company brand style, starting with logos, fonts, visual material presentation, color palettes and up to content style and display options. When upgrading to the White Label tool, you’ll get an absolutely branded product, which is 100% ready for business start up. Currently, IM Creator has three White Label Plans. The cheapest plan costs $350/year, while the most expensive solution constitutes $25000/year depending upon the feature set and advantages provided.

The use of the White Label is a benefit in itself that helps take advantage of your web design proficiency and expertise. Just use the feature set of the website builder to build your standalone project and enjoy the brand privileges it provides.

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IM Creator Features

The website builder abounds in features and options that contribute to simple, quick and hassle-free website development process. You can use the system to launch nearly all types of commercial and non-commercial projects that range in complexity level, feature set, focus and other important aspects. IM Creator grants WYSIWYG web editing environment, utilizes unique website development approach via the use of Stripes, offers advanced integration tools, multilingual support and reasonable rates.


IM Creator is initially known due to its strong eCommerce focus. It is possible to launch and manage small and mid-sized online stores with the system. Your task is to create the framework (the basis) for a web store, while your client will do the rest. Being an easy-to-use and intuitive website builder, IM Creator will be so understandable to customers that they will easily customize their web stores under your guidance (if needed). What’s important, this doesn’t require any coding skills, which is an undeniable advantage for ordinary users. These features contribute to higher degree of web store personalization, eliminating the need to make the edits over and over again.

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Apart from extensive eCommerce options, IM Creator also provides decent integrated blog building opportunities. The website builder makes it possible to create a blog to further entrust a client with its customization. There are multiple blog templates, styles, layouts, news feed structure variations, integration and media files embedding options to choose from. Consider your clients’ preferences and requirements to make the settings and guide them to complete the projects with perfection.

Just like the system offers many blog templates to choose from, it also provides an extensive selection of free website templates. All the themes you will come across there are fully responsive, modern, quality and customizable – your clients will have lots of variants to choose from based on their needs. Mind that there is no template change option here, so be attentive when making the choice.

There is no need to look for external widgets elsewhere – the website builder provides powerful integration options. Just mind the type of the website you work on and your clients’ preferences when browsing the collection of integrable tools and widgets. This is where you can pick statistics collection tools, Google Maps, social media widgets and other integrations to boost your website performance.

The system has much to offer to those clients, who need a website for commercial purposes. One of the features most users value a lot is multilingual support. It allows creating several language versions of a website to make a project the top notch destination for international customers and business partners.

Finally, IM Creator cares a lot about the search engine optimization of your ready-made project. This matters for custom made websites, the owners of which usually don’t have a single idea on how to set up SEO settings yet wish their projects to rank high in the search engines. With IM Creator, you’ll be able to set up SEO parameters on your own or show the way this should be done. There is nothing complicated about that – just fill out the meta tags for all pages, upload a favicon, integrate analytic tools and publish a website!         



uKit – is by far the simplest and the most inexpensive website builder that comes with an amazing set of advanced features. The system has strong business focus, which makes it an indispensable solution for users aiming at launching web design companies. If you have not sharpened your skills yet, but have an intention to start a web design business, then uKit is certainly the option to consider. Ensuring easy and intuitive web development process, the website builder works great for freelance web designers and independent website developers, who intend to create visually-appealing and functional projects.

Choose template

The platform has lots of features to offer, but one of its strong points is the Affiliate Program available to everyone. It implies an opportunity to encourage users to join the system to create websites with it, offering beneficial terms in return. Having joined the Affiliate Program, you’ll be able to get around 30% of payments made by users you’ve driven. Additionally, you will get an opportunity to enjoy multiple bonuses, special offers, promo codes, discounts and loyalty programs. Having access to the control panel of the program, you’ll be aware of all the news and profit generation offers the system will introduce to ensure rewarding and profitable partnership.

uKit Features One of the true highlights of the platform is its eCommerce engine. There are lots of niche templates to choose from based on your clients’ requirements and specifications. Having created a standard website, you can invite a client to customize it to cut down the web development time and ensure maximum project personalization.  Web store creation is possible in one of two ways. You can either integrate an eCommerce widget into a ready-made website or connect the well-known Ecwid plugin that will give your project eCommerce specialization. It’s up to you and your client to decide on the most suitable solution.

Gala architect

uKit also boasts an extensive choice of templates. There are dozens of themes to come up to any niche here and you can offer several suitable variants to your clients based upon their web design focus. All the templates are responsive and customizable by default. The process is so intuitive and easy that even a newbie will cope with it in no time. Whatever template you will go for, it will come with pre-designed content. A client will be able to replace it with unique business info, if needed. Convenient WYSIWYG website editor that comes with drag-and-drop functionality will ensure hassle-free and simple process of website customization. Unlike IM Creator, uKit allows changing the templates on the go. This is another merit for newbies.


Finally, uKit lets you integrate the AMO CRM tool into a website. This is the feature that allows controlling and tracking sales, order and customer statistics to be aware of all the actions made by website visitors. By using the feature, your clients will be able to track their customers’ shopping activity, view their account info, organize and manage promotional campaigns and control overall website performance.

CRM tool


As soon as you decide to start a web design business, get ready to encounter multiple problems and niche-specific nuances. It’s not easy to get started – that’s true, but if you manage to organize everything properly,  your business will turn into a thriving venture you’ll be proud of. Whether you are a beginner of a web design pro, you won’t go without a detailed strategy and reliable web design software to launch a website. The choice, however, will depend upon your actual skills, experience, project type, niche specialization, business objectives and budget. IM Creator and uKit are two quite different yet quality website builders to consider in this respect.

They are equally powerful and professional systems, but each of them is geared towards certain audience and allows accomplishing versatile goals. Your choice should be basically based on your objectives and degree of web design proficiency. May this choice eventually be a success! 

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