How to stay safe on the Internet

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The importance of the internet is a significant factor that can’t be ignored when talking about technological advancement. And since its emergence, it has been affecting various work processes in different but positive ways. However, irrespective of the contributions of the internet to the society, they are still some who believe it does more bad than good. But flashing back on the innovative transformation of channels of communication and service delivery, one will agree to the fact that the internet is of high relevance in today’s world. Various establishments providing e-commerce, medical, educational, religious and sport betting services among others now take full advantage of the global accessibility of the internet.


Likewise, it is relevant to point out that the ‘internet’ itself is not bad, but its unethical usage and carelessness of users are some of the things giving it a negative impression. Besides, despite the drawbacks of using the internet, there are still secured ways of using it without regrets. So, highlighted below are some hints that can ensure your safe use of the internet:

Ways to be secured while using the internet

  • Uses of highly secured password: People often make the mistake of using simple passwords when opening various accounts on the internet, but this only makes it more convenient for internet fraudsters to take advantage of them. One way to create a secure password is to make it alphanumerical; this means using the combination of both Alphabets and numbers. Also, don’t forget to use both upper and lower case letters, and it’s even better if the website accepts special characters like ‘? & @ #’. However, ensure to use the password you can easily remember.
  • Avoid fake or cloned websites: You should always take note of the URL of any site you are visiting or using. This is because fake website comes with similar but different URL and web interface. Your sensitivity to such details will undoubtedly prevent you from transacting or giving personal information to the wrong people. If you like to shop online, you can be safe if you use popular shopping websites or for example, if you like to gamble, make sure that you use the best betting websites that you can find online to keep you away from hackers and cloned websites.
  • Use reliable antivirus with internet security: There are lots of reliable antiviruses that can help prevent your various computing gadget from things that may reveal your personal data to third parties. Some of the antivirus programs also prevent you from accessing fake and virus-infected files. Fortunately, antivirus and internet security software such as Avast, have a free version that you can try out before you make the ‘buy or not’ decision.
  • Avoid the disclosure of sensitive information online: Some internet users have a bad habit of revealing more than enough information when using the internet and this is common with social media users. Some internet users would even go to the extent of disclosing every of their movement online. However, using the internet is fun but don’t let the enthusiasm of impressing others put you in unfavorable situations.

In addition to the above hints, users of the internet should also ensure to;

  • Check vendor’s reviews before buying from them
  • Make your network security a formidable one.
  • Keep your security programs updated
  • Transact with companies that have favorable return policies.
  • Don’t give out your password
  • Don’t base your decisions on everything you see online
  • Not everyone using the internet is what they portray themselves to be, so, be cautious in trusting them.

You will undoubtedly experience safe internet experience by considering the above nuggets and continuously applying them in your daily internet routines. As said before, internet usage is not bad, but the way it is being used determines what you experience through it.