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August 2, 2017

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Multiple Desktops in Windows 10 is a function that allows users to perform multiple tasks in different places. For example, you are working on Chrome and you don’t want to mix up things with each other, then you can use the multiple desktops feature. You can use as many desktops you want to use. Simply do your work in new desktop, save it and then close it. No need to mix things with each other. Work efficiently and easily with Multiple Desktop function. Check below How to add multiple desktops and how to close the multiple desktops.  These steps are so easy to perform that everyone can perform these steps.

How to Use Multiple Desktops in windows 10

  1. Just go to the taskbar of you screen. You will find a rectangle icon there just by the side of cortana. If you move your cursor on that it will show you task View.
    multiple desktops in windows 10
  2. Click on that Icon. You will see a menu will open in front of you where you will see different Desktop.
    multiple desktops in windows 10
  3. Click on Desktop 2. The work of Desktop 1 will be hidden and you can make a fresh start in Desktop 2 of Windows 10.
    multiple desktops in windows 10
  4. If you want more than two or three desktop. Simply click on the + button on the right side of Desktop menu. See Pic below
  5. You can add as many desktops you want to add and every new desktop will give you a fresh start.

How to return to the main desktop


To return to the main desktop just simply go to the desktop 1. Desktop 1 will always be the main desktop. To shuffle any of the desktop just chose the desktop. If you want to close any desktop,  Move the cursor to that desktop and you will see close button. Click on that button. Just make sure you save all the work before closing any desktop.

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