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The most challenging college assignment is to write an original research paper. Students must understand that an original research paper is created using valid scientific literature. A student has to conduct in-depth research on a topic through observation, experiments, and surveys. A research paper aims to report the information through original research articles. Many students prefer to use the online services of research paper writing companies due to lack of time and writing experience. It is the right solution for busy students. You will get a well-written research paper fast enough to meet your deadline.

However, if you want to learn how to write research papers yourself continue to read this article, which will help students have a clear understanding of what an original research paper is, and how to accomplish this college assignment without too much stress.


What is the definition of an original research paper?

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If you want your writing to be accepted as an original research article, you will have to consider the following conditions:

  • The script should be based on the in-depth research of various sources of information.
  • Your text must include the primary research question, the purpose of the research, and all the details.
  • You must report all the research findings, which have to be interpreted.

Your research study may produce as positive as negative results. Despite the outcome of your research, your text will be considered a research paper because it has the hypothesis, which you discovered to be accurate or wrong. Nowadays, many journal editors do not like to publish studies with negative findings. However, this is a very wrong approach, which slows down the progress of science. That is why we encourage students to be proactive and when needed, publish negative results in their research papers.


How can a student create an original research paper?

Conducting in-depth research and writing a paper on this study is a challenging task. It is normal to feel lost in the beginning. Even professional writers and researchers have such feelings. You should not rush and proceed step by step to form a clear idea of how to accomplish your research and write your college paper. Follow these essential steps in your writing process:

Set the main research question

To start your research, you have to set the primary research question. Make sure that you have read enough published literature on a particular subject. We encourage students to read regularly scientific literature. You will be well-informed of the existing problems in the field of your interest. You can discuss your thoughts with your advisor. Before you set the main research question, consider both the feasibility of the idea and your interests.

Conduct a literature search

Once the main question is set, it is time to do a literature search. It has to be well-planned. Students should do their best to find as many relevant materials on the topic as possible. Use the most recent documents. While your writing process, you should follow essential citations, which are must-have in the original research paper. Read books, journal articles, government reports, informative online sources, etc. Do not forget to write down a record of your search. You will use these notes when you need to write the references and citations in the research paper.

Create a structure for your research paper

An original research paper always follows a structure. The standard structure includes these sections: Introduction, Methods, Results, and Discussion. Such structure is called IMRAD.

  • Introduction: provide background information and explain to your reader what your research is about and what the purpose is behind it.
  • Methods: provide a detailed explanation of the way you have conducted your research. Let your reader know what materials were used.
  • Results: present all the findings of your in-depth study in detail, along with the relevant data.
  • Discussion: each finding has to be interpreted. Discuss the impact that your study may do on the field of research.

Do not forget to cite the references, which were used in your research paper. Finalize your original research paper with the list of informative sources you have used.

Format your research paper

Once your research paper is written, you must format it correctly. Consult your professor about the style and format your paper according to the rules. Pay attention to this part if you do not want to get your paper rejected. The process of reformatting is even more tiring.


When a student writes a research paper, there should not be any rush. Now you know how to organize your writing process. With a bit of time and effort, you will create your firsts original research paper.

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