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October 13, 2020

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Those colorful symbols, immersive animation, actionable features, and catchy soundtrack of games are the ones grabbing players’ attention, but what’s beneath all that keeps them interested. These elements have such power precisely because they rely on the cutting-edge technology of online slot games.

The secret is in the right combination of these ingredients, and brands such as Microgaming, Yggdrasil, NetEnt have proven that they understand that recipe extremely well. And what’s even more important- they know how to transform it into reality.


What’s the very essence of technology utilized in online slot games?

If there’s to name two crucial components that represent the skeleton of Internet-based content, then return to player (RTP) and volatility (AKA variance) stand out. As technology develops rapidly, more and more innovations are brought, such as 3D games, virtual reality, and more.

Casino Horse has prepared an insightful guide on technologies found in slot games so stay with us to find out more!

Explaining Random Number Generator

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Incorporated in every single online slot game (and a couple of other categories of online types of games as well), random number generator (RNG) is a mechanism that serves to ensure every round has a unique outcome.

Simply put, there’s no correlation between this, previous or the following round, every session is completely random. So, the next time you say luck brought you a JP, you’ll be saying nothing wrong, but a small “Thank you!” to the RNG wouldn’t hurt.

To make sure these generators work properly, casinos have them checked and approved by various testing labs. The seals can usually be seen at the footer of the official website.

What’s the Role of Volatility/ Variance?

Aside from the data indicating a return to player (RTP), developers usually display the level of volatility of their titles. Looking for the simplest explanation, this serves to show punters how rewarding a release is.

Low variance games come with more frequent winning opportunities, but slightly lower amounts. On the other hand, high variance machines host bigger winning chances, especially from bonus sessions, but they are not as frequent.

How can this affect your decision on which game to play?

Well, quite simple!

When trying to make up your mind between different types of online casino slots, you should set your preferences as the determining factor.

If you want the action taking place on the reels, then low volatility titles are a good choice for you, but if you are into hunting for some juicier prizes, then, logically, high variance games are more suitable for you.

Which Other Technologies Are Seen in Online Slots?

Among the most important tech boosts which have revolutionized online slots, the following ones are the most significant:

  • Cross-platform optimization
  • Blockchain technology
  • 3D and VR

Don’t let this first bombastic phrase confuse you, it’s no other thing but the possibility to play your favorite games on portable gadgets.

And not just play them but have the same level of quality experience just like the one seen on desktops. Having in mind how much people rely on those tiny gadgets, producers of online casino games needed to find a way to follow the growing trends.

Knowing that they use tablets and phones not just for pleasure, but for business as well, they adjusted games for all types of devices and operating systems. And it’s mainly thanks to the development of HTML5.


Modern times call for modern payment methods, which provide a higher level of anonymity and more efficiency, and that’s why cryptocurrencies’ popularity exploded. A growing number of online casinos offer this as a banking option.

Some go to that extent that they even have a separate category of BTC games or even some exclusive promos for those who opt for this transaction method.

And finally, the visual aspect.

The sole fact that old-school one-armed bandits were revamped in the online world was more than impressive. But after a while, players started looking for more, and not wanting to disappoint the audience, developers kept brainstorming.

As a result, various dynamic features appeared, giving reels a chance to increase, decrease, merge, and so on. Furthermore, side missions were added, spicing up the main gameplay significantly.

And step by step, 3D technology, and virtual reality have found their way to online slots, breathing a completely new life into them. You can only assume the level of excitement it brought, and if you are curious to take a closer look, this full guide for users will give you a fine insight into details.

Final Thoughts

If you think that the list ends with these, you are wrong, because these are just some of the highlights. And not just that- it’s a mere beginning of some modifications and changes which are yet to happen.

You see, casino gaming has quite simple logic- if players want something, developers will make sure that happens, and if they want something beyond that, they’ll simply keep on delivering inventions.

Microgaming, NetEnt, Yggdrasil, Evoplay Entertainment are some of the brands whose content and a high desire to push the boundaries are most noticed. But, new studios keep coming and coming, which only means one thing- more opportunities to bring surprises.

We truly hope you enjoyed our insightful guide on technologies behind online slot games, and keep your eyes wide open for tomorrow’s innovations!

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