Internet Show to Watch Based on Your Birth Month

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Gone are the days when we flipped through fifty channels to find something worth watching. Now, even though the problem of finding something worth our time is still a struggle, the options to choose from are endless. From Netflix, HBO, and Hulu, to Amazon Prime, Disney Plus, and ABC, the streaming platforms have libraries of shows, movies, originals to choose from. We want to make life easier for you, so based on your astronomical likes, dislikes, and history, we have created this list so that you can stop browsing and start watching. Before we move on, it is worth mentioning the fact that if you are planning to stream the following shows online, you would need a high-speed internet connection. So, to make sure that the movie or show does not start buffering in the middle of an intense scene, install a stable internet service that delivers consistent speeds. If your internet provider is troubling you, we highly recommend shifting to Spectrum Internet because this internet service comes with incredible speeds, unlimited data, and most importantly 24/7 customer service, allowing you to seamlessly stream all your favorite movies and TV shows. Plus, the provider does not bind you in a long-term contract, as all Spectrum internet plans come with contract-free policies. This means that you can cancel your subscription any time you want without needing to pay an early termination fee.

With that said, let us discuss the topic at hand, what internet shows to watch based on your birth month? You will definitely love our picks because they are based on your astrological signs and represent your date of birth in one way or another. So, without further ado, let us get started:

Feb, April, August Born

You hate being left out on trends and you see your teenage siblings watching and acting out these shows but you have never really understood what the hype is about. However, to bond with your teenage sibling or daughter, it is time to jump on the bandwagon and learn the in-between language of the millennial and Z generation.

  • Riverdale (Teenage dark drama based on Archie Comics)
  • Pretty Little Liars (More life drama that will make you feel better about your life)
  • Gossip Girl (It’s better than the books)
  • Sabrina the Teenage Witch (It is horror but not quite)
  • 13 Reasons Why (Dead girl leaves behind tapes)
  • Elite (School drama)
  • Emily in Paris (Following her passion, a girl ends up in Paris)

For Children:

  • The Worst Witch (A cute little child wizard learning her way in life)
  • A 2nd Chance (On never giving up on dreams and goals)
  • We Can be Heroes (Kids born with mutant powers who learn the art of friendship)
  • Marko Mermaids (A bunch of mermaids and their water life)

Jan, June, July Born

These months you want to try something new. You are bored of the same old routine that the pandemic has made you suffer from. You no longer want to wait for new seasons of old shows that have not been completed and just staring at the screen irks you. Because of this, we have chosen shows opposite to what you would usually watch to spice things up a bit!

  • I Care A Lot (Cunning woman makes money off the old)
  • Ratched (A wise nurse makes her way through life)
  • The Crown (The dramatic lives of the Royals)
  • Breaking Bad (Chemistry professor starts making meth)
  • The Good Place (Same place you’ll be after watching this show)
  • Gilmore Girls (A blast from the past)
  • Jane the Virgin (To lighten your mood)

For Children:

  • Project MC2 (Little detectives in school)
  • Greenhouse Academy (Young love!)
  • Zapped (Magic you do not want to miss!)
  • Go – Live it Your Way (On bravery and taking chances!)

May, Sept, Nov Born

You are always up to planning surprises for friends and wanting them in return. You love a good mystery and the simplest of stories make you want to dig for clues because you are always in for some adventure. Not knowing how your life will unwind, we can still predict your weekend watches!

  • Money Heist (A group of people led by a genius rob a bank)
  • Lupin (A man inspired by a magician navigates through a tough life with some tricks up his sleeve)
  • Enola Holmes (Sherlock’s sister got her own spotlight)
  • Sherlock (You will be Sherlock-ed!)
  • Unsolved Mysteries (Truer tales have not been explained)
  • The Stranger (You can never trust anyone)
  • Mind Hunter (Truly boggles your mind)

For Children:

  • ODD Squad (When babies become Sherlock)
  • Family Reunion (A teen never likes get-togethers!)
  • Hotel Transylvania Series (A vampire’s teen daughter living the dream)
  • PUP Academy (Adorable dogs on screen!)

Dec, March, Oct Born

We know that you are always in for the spooks. You look forward to Halloween releases but with October far away, we still have you covered for some bone-curling, spine-chilling, goosebumps giving shows that will keep you at the edge of your seat!

  • The Haunting of Hill House (A scarier show has not been made)
  • Haunted (A couple of people sitting in a circle and recalling their paranormal events)
  • You (Does not involve ghosts, but a rather psychotic killer)
  • Lucifer (Satan but very charming)
  • Ghost Stories (Beautifully cinematographed Indian stories you’ll need subtitles for)
  • Inside the Freemasons (Letting you into controversies)
  • Eerie (Hostel horror)

For Children:

  • Creeped Out (2 seasons of virtual dark magic)
  • Monster House (Monsters can be our friends!)
  • Matilda (Magic, learning, and love!)
  • A Babysitter’s Guide to Monster Hunting (Do not look under the bed!)

Now that you are all set to watch shows recommended by our team, we will let you at it! Grab some buttered popcorn, connect to high-speed internet service, shut the door, and enjoy!