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May 24, 2021

Online learning
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Online learning


Learning from home is all the buzz right now, even though things are slowly going back to normal. It seems like it’s easier to learn from home than ever before, with new and interactive tools that make learning fun. You won’t have boring websites that just explain how to find definition essay topics word per word but interactive websites that show you how and work with you as you learn. There are many fun education websites out there, and we’re here to share 10 of them that put the fun back into learning.

1. National Geographic Kids

Table of Contents

This website is full of information in a fun and engaging manner. Learn about the atmosphere, the climate, and even the animals. Content is broken into videos, readings, listening, and photos, all of which are bright and colorful for students of all kinds. In addition to learning, there’s also access to homework help and tutoring with one of many certified instructors. Students can take a guided virtual tour around some of the coolest places, learning about them from the comfort of their home desk.

2. PBS Kids

PBS is not only educational, but it’s also fun. Filled with DIY tutorials and other fun content, it’s a perfect mix of materials that enhance learning along with fun and games. Everything from deep space to deep ocean exploration can be found here, packed into a fun and colorful website filled with surprises. Students can find practical exercises along with reading, writing, math, and science, getting quality educational tools all in one spot.

3. NASA Kids’ Club

With the help of games, photos, and videos, NASA Kids’ Club highlights the coolness of space. Even though that’s the website’s central theme, it is nevertheless not short on teaching the basics, including letters, numbers, and beginning reading skills. You can download apps that will supplement your learning and even get e-books, the fund’s storybooks, and more from this educational website.

4. BrainPop

When you visit BrainPop, you’re immersed in a colorful world of interactive learning. Students will find a world full of fun-filled educational games and topics to choose from, ranging from math to science, technology, and much more. The website was developed using tactics from Dr. Avraham Kadar, which specializes in methods of learning and educating. Mix his technique with interactive fun, and you have the perfect fusion of educational fun.

5. Funbrain

In Funbrain, activities and books are organized by grade level, covering a broad range of topics. It presents complex subjects like math in an entertaining way, encouraging further learning and practice. In addition, students can find access to books which they can download and coloring books to take a break and have a little fun. From kindergarten all the way up to 8th grade, any grade level is on the website, with different themes and topics included to diversify your learning experience.

6. 123 Homeschool 4 Me

Just like the title implies, this website is packed full of educational resources. Here you can find:

  • Worksheets to download and print for any level and any topic.
  • Outside resources that students can choose from, ranging from free resources to other websites perfect for learning online.
  • Alphabet printables.
  • Recipes for cooking delicious dishes with parents.
  • Kids’ activities. 

Though the website is bright and colorful, it’s highly organized into sections and grade levels, allowing students and parents to pick only relevant content. This website is meant to accompany parents teaching from home, so it’s filled with fun for all ages.

7. Active Kids Do Better

This website isn’t just about learning; it’s also about teaching the importance of staying active. It has a unique way of threading in educational experience and practice with exercise, allowing students to get active while they learn. Included on the site are fun printable worksheets and other materials for fun games like Balloon Ball Sling and Sling Shot Tennis.

8. Arcademics

For practice with math, typing, reading, writing, and more, this site has a bit of it all. Perfect for grades 1-6, Arcademics allows students to find amusement and games to practice their skills while having fun. The games are set up to help keep students focused longer, thus promoting a larger attention span. Apart from learning and games, the site focuses on repetition and memory, with games that make kids think while having fun.

9. Go Noodle

Go Noodle is another website that puts a sharp focus on keeping kids active and moving around. There are all kinds of games and activities that combine learning material with getting moving and playing. Included in the site are activities, worksheets, and videos that help to enhance learning skills and ideas. Plus, one bonus about this website is the feature to help kids work out their emotions, with a significant emphasis on relationship building and other skills.

10. HippoCampus.Org

Natural sciences, social studies, humanities, and math are just a few of the categories learners can choose from. There are worksheets, games, and other activities focused on teaching and learning in a fun and interactive way. Plus, there’s a strong focus on math and science, with interactive tools that help students and tutor them even on the most challenging math equations and problems. Thus, with HippoCampus, students obtain an all-in-one website to practice and work out science problems.

Online Resources

Over the last year, there’s been an enormous push for educational websites. Not only have new websites been hitting the ground, but classic websites were getting comprehensive upgrades. These days, learning online is easy and more fun than ever, thanks to interactive websites like the ten we’ve mentioned above.

There is something for every student online, from touring museums to taking off and exploring historical sites across the world. Educational websites are sure to keep popping up and will only get better as more students and parents commit to online learning. As a student or parent, you need to choose wisely, given the wide variety of available resources and varying quality of content they deliver.

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