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August 23, 2018

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Mario is no doubt a household game that has been around for a long time. The game comes in various versions and updates; however, this write-up will be shedding light on the version of   Mario classified as the old Mario. Likewise, the associated features and how the game can be downloaded will also be highlighted along with other information.

Mario game like every other game out there comes with specific gameplay objective. But for Mario, the player is expected to control the Mario character through series of stages to recuse a character commonly called Princess Peach. However, locating and saving the princess in the game requires making the necessary moves to overcome a wide range of challenges along the path. It also possesses some features that make it a preferred choice despite being an old Mario game.

Features of Old Mario Game

  • Even though Mario game was initially invented to be played through its console, it can now be played on computers. And this, of course, brings delight to users as some might not even have the capacity to buy the game’s console.
  • This Mario comes with one of the best colorful 2D gaming platform and themes.
  • The Mario character’s primary form of attacking his enemies is by jumping on them and smashing one into the others.
  • The game gets more interesting with the infusion of various power-up that makes overcoming both enemies and natural obstacles much easier.
  • Versions of the Mario game for computers have reasonably small size; meaning it won’t take much of your system space.
  • The computer version of Mario for windows also comes with full-screen mode, and the graphics are identical to the console version.

How to download the Old Mario Game

A fact about this game is that a substantial number of users, player or fan of the game as you may like to call it may not necessarily afford to buy the game’s usual console. And this may be because of inadequate financial capacity or geographical location. However, due to the ever-advancing technological innovation, playing the game on computers has become a reality.


But the question remains how to download the Mario game, and this is quite easy. There exist various websites that already made provision for downloading of the game, and the standard process is as follows:

  • Research reliable and trusted sites to know if they are secure (You can also get from the official website)
  • Narrow down to desired Mario game version
  • Check system requirement and compatibility before initiating the download
  • And because the game is quite old, you might be required to install an emulator or other related programs before the installation of the game. This explicitly allows the game to install and also plays smoothly on your computer.
  • Double click on the ‘.exe’ file on your computer and follow subsequent prompts to install the game.
  • Start the game and enjoy your adventure to save the princess!

You need to have in mind that there are new versions of the Mario game which feature more sophisticated features, so after having you fill with the old versions, you also move ahead with the new ones. And you are assured of getting maximum entertainment that the Mario games offer.

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