Microsoft Files Patents for Hand-Held Xbox Device

Microsoft Files Patents for Hand-Held Xbox Device
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Microsoft has recently(9th July 2019) filed a patent for it’s new and upcoming hand-held Xbox gaming device. The software giant now has the legal right to exclude others from making, using, selling, and importing their ground-breaking inventions in the gaming world.

Microsoft Files Patents for Hand-Held Xbox Device
Image source- yankodesign

The patent consists of all external and internal parts of the charging dock of this hand-help device–the look-and-feel of the dock along with minute chip-level details.

How will this patent protect Microsoft’s new invention?

In almost every country on the planet, the patent rights fall under civil law. So, naturally, the laws are set by the governing body and its constitution. As far as the United States is concerned, the patentee must sue the offender to protect its invention from getting duplicated, being sold without permission, or imported illegally.

Microsoft has filed this patent to safe-guard the hand-held device from its competitors and black market dealers(this patent is valid for a fixed number of years).

What does the patent filed by Microsoft for its hand-held Xbox device mean for the gaming community? Will it run smoothly on an average phone?

Note that, this hand-held Xbox device seamlessly connects with your phone and turns it into a game console. This is the reason gamers all around the globe are excited about its launch.

One serious cause for concern is how it will affect your phone’s battery life. By connecting your phone with this XBox device, you are using WIFI, audio and video features at full capacity. Naturally, this will put pressure on the processor too. All this leads to more battery consumption and if this is the case how is a regular gamer(with an average Android phone going to use this device). It will drain the battery, within a few minutes!

Although, this is just speculation–at the moment– only time will tell how effective this futuristic hand-held device comes out to be. When you play cloud games on your phone, you are streaming a live video. So, I guess your phone will consume the same amount of energy, it does while streaming a live video. 

Secondly, the device should also fit into your pocket very easily. Or else carrying it will become another major issue. No gamer wants to carry a bulky device in his/her backpack. A light-weight, small and easy-to-connect Xbox gaming console will become a favorite among gamers.

What does the patent filed by Microsoft for its hand-held Xbox device include?

Lastly, it should be noted that the patent does not include the entire device. The patent only includes the drawing of the charging dock and not the controller. The dock comes with a power input and power input connection.

The power input will receive power from an external power source and power output connects with one of the controllers of this hand-held device.
Further, Sarang Sheth, a designer for YankoDesign has artfully created the designs of the finished product connected to a phone.

He has also created an animation to show how the two controllers will connect to the phone and work synchronously.

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