Microsoft Hits $1 Trillion Market Valuation for the First Time

Microsoft hits $1 trillion market valuation
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The $1 trillion club just got its third member: Microsoft Corporation

After Apple & Amazon, Microsoft is the new member in $1 trillion clubs. The US Software Giant hits this amazing mark on Thursday before it’s share prices fall back.

On Wednesday, Microsoft said their revenue rose 14% to $30.6 billion in the fourth quarter of the Financial Year. According to reports, their stock rises by 3 from the past year.

The Main credit shall be given to their cloud business & gaming business for this great milestone, Their software selling also raises revenue & it shall also be credited. Microsoft net profit surged to 19% higher than past years with an incredible effort by employees!

Under the leadership of Satya Nadella, The company has shown tremendous performance in last five years & their hard work pays off with this achievement. Satya Nadella vision for Microsoft multiple source revenues was the key to this achievement.

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