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January 2, 2020

Microsoft Is Bringing Gmail, Calendar & Google Drive to Outlook
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Now you will be able to access all your emails and documents on your Outlook account itself; which includes Google Calendar as well. I am aware that the desktop standalone application of Outlook already lets you integrate Google account with it but now Microsoft has made this feature available for its web users too. 

Not all Outlook users prefer to download the setup on their computer. Several users use their Outlook from their work computer or vice versa. For them, this is great news as they can now check, add attachments, and browse through Google drive content without having to open a separate tab. 

In addition to this, as you already know, Outlook is, for the most part, an email application. Now–to send attachments via email– users will not need to download content to their hard drive first. They can just drag and drop from the same application. Hence, Microsoft has turned it’s ordinary email web application into a well-rounded productivity software. Props to their tech team!

Do Google products work well with Microsoft’s Outlook?

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Since Microsoft is beta testing the Gmail and Google Calendar integration, I can’t tell for sure whether this merger is going to be a successful one. But history tells us that Google and Microsoft do not work well together. 

The problem might not with Outlook, but Gmail has too many security checks and it is difficult to get complete access to your emails(and other cloud content) using an email client. If you ever have tried connecting your Gmail account with Thunderbird, you will know what I am talking about. As of now, Outlook works great with Microsoft’s Exchange email accounts.

What do users have to say about Gmail, Google Drive, and Google Calendar integration with Outlook?

This story has not yet begun to make the headlines yet. I understand this is not a huge change, but it is an important one. Particularly, for those who use Outlook on a regular basis. Florian B, an Outlook user, and podcaster from Calais, France tweeted the screenshot of Gmail and Outlook integration.

Florian also confirms that the accounts are 100 percent separate. You cannot move emails from one account to another. In short, integrating Gmail with Outlook won’t give you unwanted headaches. So, if you are an Outlook web user, connect your email account today. Find out for yourself what other benefits you get.

Why has Microsoft decided to work with Google products?

Microsoft CEO, Satya Nadella has said it repeatedly that Microsoft is not just a tech company. It is primarily into enhancing the productivity and capabilities of users. Last year, talking to CNBC, he made a clear statement “We will reinvent productivity to empower every person and every organization on the planet to do more and achieve more.

Another reason behind collaborating with Google might be the fact that there are 1.2 billion active Gmail users worldwide, in 2019. Most people who use Outlook for their emailing needs, also have Google accounts for managing emails, storing data and scheduling their days. It seems like this is where Microsoft is headed un Satya Nadella. They are no more a solitary tech company.

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