Microsoft issues Important Windows 10 Update Warning for Users [Latest]

Windows 10 Update Warning
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Finally, Microsoft issues important Windows 10 update warning for users. In a meeting held sometime before, Microsoft stated that it is going to release its most significant Windows update till date. Moreover, to operate Windows 10, everyone has to upgrade from the previous version to the latest version of Windows 10.

They have already issued a warning to Windows 10 users that the latest update would need twice as much free storage on a particular PC to get Windows 10 1903. They also warned that these requirements would be applied to all the version of Windows 10 like Home, Pro & Enterprise.

Windows 10 Update Warning
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The new minimum space required has become 32 GB which was 16 GB earlier for Windows 10 32-bit. Apart from this, it is 40% more than it was needed for the 64-bit version of Windows 10. This warning must not affect the users who have high-end computers and laptops. But for the people who have old computers without high-end configurations, it would be considered as a problem for sure.

Moreover, Windows specialist Paul Thurrott even thinks that it is not the end. He says that it is one of the best steps taken by Microsoft and he expects this 32 GB to convert into 64 GB for the betterment of upcoming future.

Other than this, Microsoft issued a critical Windows 10 update warning for users by accepting that the new update is freezing the Windows operating devices. Moreover, you can expect your PC to be crashed while updating your device to the latest version of Windows 10. Microsoft has already confirmed that the PCs of those users who have upgraded to most recent version freezes while booting up or while in operation.

The PCs used for operating business are also freezing while performing on some severe tasks. Microsoft has already received a lot of complaints about it and finally has issued important Windows 10 update warning for the users.

The best thing, for now, is that Microsoft has allowed the users to delay all the major and minor updates. Finally, the users can get control over their devices which they deserve. Moreover, they can update whenever they are supposed to.

Apart from this, they can also block unwanted software that makes their operating system bulky and laggy. Microsoft has to look over the updates carefully as every time it releases updates, and problems are created for sure.

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