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April 24, 2019

Microsoft Paint
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Yes you heard it Right as our favorite MS Paint is going no where!

As we all know or we heard rumors that Microsoft was planning to remove its popular paint application from the latest Windows 10 update. Many fans were disappointed about this move as MS paint has been one of the most favorite application used on PC ever.

And Now The Great Microsoft has reversed its decision & they are staying with Microsoft Paint in Windows 10 may 2019 update (1903). Brandon LeBlanc, A Senior Program Manager at Microsoft officially reveals that MS Paint will be part of Windows 10 update (1903) as of now & will not be removed in Immediate Future!

Microsoft Paint to remain part of Windows 10
Image source- Theverge

So Microsoft has Finally given a way of relief to their users & fans about this confirmation, Although they have marked “deprecated” to MS Paint as there were no new updates & not an active development & could be removed in future updates & releases!

Most of the MS Paint features were integrated into Paint 3D because of the broader push to enforce users & creators to use MS Paint in Windows 10. So this is one good news for the day as Microsoft Paint Remains Part of Windows 10, As 34 Years Legacy is still going strong!

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