Microsoft seems to be Wanted Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4

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In recent years, Microsoft has shown a want to unfold its reach as way as doable, emotional its once-Xbox One exclusives on the computer, transportation Xbox Live to competitory platforms just like the Nintendo Switch, and more.

Apparently, Microsoft’s quest to be all over in diversion even saw it at one purpose attempt to bring Halo: The Master Chief assortment to the PS4. This is in line with Sacred Symbols: A PlayStation Podcast hosted by former IGN journalist Colin Moriarty, UN agency aforementioned the maximum amount within the most up-to-date episode. “I have it on testimony that Master Chief assortment was being talked regarding on PS4 years past. Like, I even have that on nice authority,” he said.

Halo: The Master Chief Collection on PS4

Halo is Microsoft’s flagship franchise, and it coming back to the PS4 appears like a near-impossibility. However, there once was a time once The Master Chief assortment was ne’er coming back to the computer either, however, those plans modified and currently, there’ll be a Halo: The Master Chief assortment computer port.

Microsoft encompasses an unconditional interest within the computer diversion house, though, and there appears to be way less incentive for it to bring Halo: The Master Chief assortment to PS4. However, Moriarty believes that there’s an opportunity Xbox games can come back to the PlayStation five within the next few years, which can be a part of Microsoft’s conceive to unharness its games all over.

One way that we tend to might see this happening is thru Game Pass and Microsoft’s cloud diversion plans. Microsoft has been aggressive regarding increasing Game Pass, to not mention it’ll be providing the school for PS5’s cloud diversion services.

It’s not a large leap to suppose that someday we tend to might see Xbox games playable on PlayStation consoles through streaming, particularly since these streaming services wish players to be able to play anyplace. Of course, the massive roadblock to any or all of this could be Sony itself, because the company has historically been reluctant to join forces with its competitors.


Sony has splendidly blocked cross-play for numerous games, and it even has blocked cross-saves additionally. however with diversion moving to associate progressively all-digital future, perhaps it’s not crazy to suppose we’ll someday be able to play Xbox games on PlayStation hardware and contrariwise.

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