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April 8, 2019

Microsoft to Shutdown it's ebook Store
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Microsoft is one of the best platforms which provides valuable ebooks. Moreover, it is one of the most popular and widely used ebook stores. But what if we say that Microsoft is going to close its ebook store? You might end up being surprised. And if you have bought ebooks from Microsoft, then you might be sad at the same time.

Microsoft to Shutdown it's ebook Store

In this upcoming time, Microsoft is going to remove the ebook functionality not only from its web store but from it’s Microsoft edge web browser too. If you have bought an ebook or saved which has been published on Microsoft, then we are sorry to say that all of them will be taken away.

But you need not to worry. Apart from facing some difficulties, all the money that you have spent in buying an ebook from Microsoft will be successfully refunded. The bitter truth is that the ebook category is no longer displayed on the Microsoft stores or edge browser. Moreover, many people have already started facing the issue, and until July 2019 all the ebooks will be taken back, and the refund will be initiated as soon as possible.

If you have trust issues and are not able to believe, then you can check the official website and support of Microsoft which clearly states that the functionality of pre-order, renting or buying ebooks is going to roll back. But the good thing that Microsoft applies is that you can use the official Microsoft edge to continue reading books that you have saved before July 2019. If you want to check, then you can do so right now in the Microsoft store present in Windows 10. We too were surprised when we saw that the category of ebooks had been removed.

Refund of E-Books Purchased

When it comes to refund, all the people who have made the purchase will be started refunded from early July 2019. One thing you must keep in mind is that you will get the refund in the same payment method which you used while buying books from Microsoft. Moreover, if that payment method is not working, then refund will be initiated in your Microsoft store wallet which can be used to buy other things on Microsoft store. Apart from this, if you made a purchase using a gift card, they also refund will be initiated in your Microsoft account, but only for online use.

There were some people who annotated the books themselves after buying from Microsoft. The good news to those people is that they will get $25 as an additional refund in their Microsoft account.

Like this, in the previous time, one more company like Microsoft named as Myspace which is a leading music store also deleted all of its stuff. And the bitter truth is that it never came back again. This clearly proves that the functionality of ebooks in the Microsoft store will no longer come again. The people who have bought ebooks from Microsoft, should not worry much as there would be no loss to them. This is because they will be refunded every penny that they have used in purchasing or renting ebooks

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